‘Survivor’ Field Day fundraiser successful

Jefferson Elementary School recently hosted a “Survivor” field day for students as a fundraising event, and it proved to be a success. Misti Kauffman, vice president of the PTO which helped establish the event, said it raised around $9,000 after expenses.

Kauffman said the event, which was organized with the help of the physical education department, was well-supported and will likely be done again next year.

Students were asked to find friends, family and neighbors to sponsor them in the field day, which was an all-day event featuring games, activities and crafts held Friday, May 18. Donations, which ranged anywhere from 50 cents to $5, were kept track by the use of a bingo card. Students received a ticket for prize drawings for each bingo on their card. Prizes were donated by community businesses.

Kauffman said after the school stopped selling peeler cards as a fundraiser, they began collecting box tops for the last year and a half. “Each one is worth 10 cents, so it adds up,” Kauffman said. The school usually manages to raise about $2,000 per year with the program.

Box Tops for Education is a program launched by General Mills in 1996 that provides schools with money for needed supplies. Box tops can be clipped from the top of participating product boxes and given to the school, which is then given 10 cents for each box top.

The field day fundraiser was unique because it was easy and fun for the kids. “You weren’t asking somebody to buy a lot of something,” Kauffman said.

A lot of moms and dads really liked the fundraiser too, Kauffman said.
The money raised will be split two ways: half will be given to the physical education department to pay for needed equipment; the other half will be put in the general PTO fund. Kauffman explained that the general PTO fund is used for expenses that come up throughout the year.

Teachers can request money for supplies for their classrooms or money to attend conferences. “We try to meet their requests,” Kauffman said.
The money will also be used to pay for safety repairs on playground equipment.

Kauffman also said that the school has a bedtime stories reading event where students attend the event, hear a story and can bring the book home with them. The PTO general fund is used to purchase those books.