mrs Krueger Blue Hair

Valley City High School has some pretty creative ways to boost participation in fundraisers, like fancy mustache/beard trimmings and pie-throwing opportunities. The Junior and Senior art students (as well as the entire school) have another one to look forward to. As the art and drama departments raise funds for next year’s trip to Minneapolis, they have a “reward” of sorts if the fundraiser amount totals $500 and above. That “reward” is Stephanie Krueger, art teacher, taking the hair-dye game to the next level and going full blue.

What this upcoming trip (held every other year) provides art/drama students is enough of a reason to donate to their journey, but a blue-haired teacher is pretty hard to one-up.

The trip to Minneapolis takes students out of the small community of Valley City and exposes them to a new culture in art. They visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Design School, MCAT and end their trip at the Chanhassen dinner theater. Not only does the trip deepen students’ understanding and appreciation for art and drama, but it also allows them to see such mediums in a culture wholly different than Valley City. In one day, they bus to the cities to grow as artists, art historians and actors, and come all the way home. Despite the long hours, art teacher Kelly Callahan says it’s one of her favorite parts of the year. Read more in your Tuesday, September 17th Times-Record.

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