The Daily Press Valley City Times Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-27T12:11:56-04:00 Woes in Valley City2014-08-27T12:11:56-04:002014-08-27T12:11:56-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordOver the course of the next several days the Times-Record will explore Valley City rental issues and what renters can expect for their money alpong with what struggles landlords have finding good tenants. Read more in upcoming issues of the Valley City Times-Record.Valley City, NDBonnie Jo ConleyRental Woes in Valley CityValley City Times V-500 Kicks Off Campaign
2014-08-27T11:25:53-04:002014-08-27T11:25:53-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDPaul Riemerman V-500 Kicks Off Campaign
Valley City Times Recovery Helps All Those Struggling2014-08-27T11:22:42-04:002014-08-27T11:22:42-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDHeidi HarrisCelebrate Recovery Helps All Those StrugglingValley City Times Wednesday: Shelton Amar Ard2014-08-27T11:20:32-04:002014-08-27T11:20:32-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordThis week, the Barnes County Sheriff's Office is looking for Shelton Amar Ard.Ard is wanted on a bench warrant for failure to appear at an order to show cause hearing for original charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, a class A misdemeanor; ingesting a controlled substance, a class A misdemeanor and possession of a controlled substance, a class B misdemeanor. He is also wanted on a warrant of attachment for child support.Ard, 36, is a black male with brown hair and black eyes. He is 6 feet, 6 inches tall and 250 pounds. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ard should call the Barnes County Sheriff's Office at (701) 845-8530.Valley City, NDBonnie Jo ConleyWarrant Wednesday: Shelton Amar ArdValley City Times Being Written on Vangstads2014-08-26T11:50:40-04:002014-08-26T11:50:40-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDPaul RiemermanPlay Being Written on VangstadsValley City Times Welcomes Freshmen2014-08-26T11:48:13-04:002014-08-26T11:48:13-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDHeidi HarrisVCSU Welcomes FreshmenValley City Times, Miklas Plead Guilty2014-08-25T17:23:43-04:002014-08-25T17:23:43-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordLindermann changed her plea from not guilty to guilty before Hovey at 2 p.m., while Miklas changed his plea in a 3:30 p.m. hearing.Lindermann pleaded guilty to felony conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to commit burglary along with misdemeanor conspiracy to commit theft.Miklas pleaded guilty to felony charges of arson, endangering by fire and two counts of burglary along with one count of misdemeanor theft of property.Valley City, NDPaul RiemermanLindermann, Miklas Plead GuiltyValley City Times Airshow Plans Set2014-08-25T10:41:11-04:002014-08-25T10:41:11-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDPaul RiemermanFinal Airshow Plans SetValley City Times Barn a Place for Gospel Concerts2014-08-25T10:36:45-04:002014-08-25T10:36:45-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordSingspiration at Homewood will be held Sunday, Sept. 14 at 3 p.m. at the farm of Tim and Becky Hager (1116 40th Street Southeast, Valley City). Valley City, NDHeidi HarrisRestored Barn a Place for Gospel ConcertsValley City Times Teacher Seeks To Restore Piano2014-08-25T10:29:49-04:002014-08-25T10:29:49-04:00Copyright 2011 Valley City Times RecordValley City, NDPaul Riemerman Teacher Seeks To Restore PianoValley City Times