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VCHS Holds Art Show for Students

January 16, 2013

Heidi Harris/Times-Record Cassidy Fulton, left, and Amanda Bjorke, freshmen at Valley City High School, stand in front of a wall displaying their and other students’ “value rose” artwork.

Valley City Junior Senior High School held a combined art show Monday for students in grades 7-12 in art classes. The show featured artwork from the past two quarters.

Senior High art teacher Kelly Callahan said Tuesday that the show had a great turnout.

“I’m proud to be their teacher, they work hard, and you can see by their work,” she said, adding “the students are so proud.”

“Part of the whole discipline of art is having the art show and getting everyone to see it as a whole,” she continued Callahan said the show gives students an opportunity to show their friends and family some of the work they had done. She said the students are anxious to take their artwork home with them, “but at the same time it’s never been up on the walls,” so they get to show it first before taking it home.

“It’s fun to hear them talk about their artwork,” Callahan added.

Cassidy Fulton and Amanda Bjorke, freshmen, were two students who showed their artwork from a beginning art class.

They showed their value roses and color value paintings.

For the color painting project, “we basically had to find different shapes,” Fulton said.

“And then color them different colors,” Bjorke added.

“And we had to make sure no two colors were the same,” Fulton said. “which was definitely hard, because after a while, they started looking all the same, especially if you made them more detailed.”

For the rose project, Fulton explained, “Our teacher gave us a packet, and then she showed how a finished rose looks, and then we had a blending pencil, and we had to work on shading a little bit and blending.”

“We couldn’t trace it, though, so that was definitely the hardest part,” she continued, adding that she probably did four rough copies before her final copy.

Bjorke said it took eight copies to finally get a rose she was satisfied with.
Both girls said they really enjoy their art classes.

“I just love art,” Fulton said. “It’s a really good class to get away from A’s and B’s.”

“And math,” Bjorke added.

The next art show will be held May 13. Callahan said the spring art show features more three-dimensional artwork, such as sculptures and ceramics, while Monday’s art show featured more two-dimensional projects.

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