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VCHS Bridges/April Newsletter


April 24, 2013

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April 26, 2013
A Valley City High School Publication - Valley City, North Dakota, 58072
VCHS brings home more awards, honors, pages 9, 12, 13, 19 & 20 See what SVFA has to offer, pages 5 Sports, Prom share HAC facilities, pages 10 & 11 T wo art students chosen for art work at Sheyenne Care Center, page 13
Berntson, Peterson win honors
by Jessica Gylden Of the many students who can be found meandering the halls of Valley City High School, two students now stand out from the rest. These students are none other than Beth Berntson, and Caleb Peterson. Peterson, a senior, recently received the Academic All State Silver Award, which consists of the top 10-20 applicants out of Class A seniors. To be presented with this award, students’ GPA and composite ACT/SAT scores are considered, as well as how they have shown leadership skills. Berntson, a junior, received the Valley City Distinguished Student of the Year, which VCHS staff members select. To be selected one must be in both fine arts, and extracurricular activities throughout grades 9-12. Berntson’s application, filled out after being selected, will now move on to the state level where one student will be selected out of six semifinalists to go on to the national level. Congratulations to both for their outstanding academic achievements throughout the Above: Berntson and Peterson are recognized for their acayears!
Br idges
demic acheivements. (Photo by Jessica Gylden)
Volume 77, Issue 8
Lemnus wins state bow competition
by Hope Swart Inhale, exhale. Slow breath in and release the arrow on the out breath. Keep your eyes on the prize. This is what Jackson Lemnus did. Lemnus won the state bow competition. Lemnus kept his eyes on the prize at bow state this year. In order to get to state he needed to shoot a complete 300 round before state. This was the first competition that Lemnus did, and it was held in Bismarck, ND, on April 6-7. It was also the first year Lemnus competed in archery at any level. Lemnus competed in the young adult male freestyle division for both the 300 and 3-D animal rounds. He shot a 300 47X out of a perfect 300 60X. A 300 round is shot at a distance of 20 yards. Sixty arrows are shot, each worth five points. An X is a bull’s eye and is used for tie breakers. In the 3-D round he shot 257 out of 300. A 3-D round is shot at varying distances from 0-50 yards. There are 25 foam targets, each modeled after a different animal. Scoring rings vary in size from one animal to the next, such as an elk has a ring the size of a headphone that covers the ear and a turkey has a ring the size of a thumb nail. Twenty-five arrows are shot and a bull’s eye is worth 12 points. Lemnus took first place in both events making him a dual-state champion. He will advance to World’s in two weeks. There he will be competing with young adults from across the globe. He will have competitors from as far away as Spain and South Africa. If anyone has any intrest in competitive archery or bowhungting, or just wants to learn more about it the Barnes County Wildlife Archery Club shoots on Monday and Wednesday nights from seven to nine. All skill levels and equipment options are welcome. See Kyle Roelfsema or Lemnus for more information. Congratulations to Jackson Lemnus and good luck at World’s!
Wintery Spring tough on sports, page 17-19
Above: Lemnus at competition with his Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus bow that helped moved him on to nationals. (Photo by Deb Horner)
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in full color.
by Hope Swart April is such a wonderful month. Spring has started and the snow is melting. It is just a great time of year. My best friend Destiny and I both have birthdays in April. Destiny and I are just two days apart. She was born on April 20 and I on the 22. We like to celebrate our birthdays with each other. Not in the sense of spending the days together, but we just take time to dress up on either her birthday or mine. This year it is a special year. Destiny and I both will be graduating. She has always been there for me. When it comes to birthdays this year I want to give her this special message. ‘Even though you will be go-
From Hopeless to Hope
ing to Jamestown College and I will be here I will still be here for you. Our lives will be forever changing, but that does not mean we will be growing apart. You are my best friend and I never ever will let something end our friendship.’ Having a friend whose birthdays that close to yours is wonderful, but having a friend whose birthday is not close is still good. People tend to pick their friends by who they get along with. Sometimes friends have falling outs, or ups and downs. That may mean that you are not meant to be friends forever, or that you just have different views on things. My friend Taylor and I do not
April 26, 2013
always agree on things. We have never fought with each other, but we have had our share of disagreements. We have worked through them and now we can talk about anything. I support her on the decisions she makes and she supports me. Even though we do not see eye to eye on everything, we do not fight about it and ruin our friendship. Finding friends that support you even though they do not agree is not as easy as some may think. You can never be too sure if the secrets you tell your friend will make them dislike you and turn into rumors. Making friends is not easy to do, but keeping the friends you do make is a lot easier than starting over. As we grow up we learn that some friendships are meant to be kept and we work on keeping them together. Sometimes there will be rough patches, but if you guys work together it will only bring you closer together. Being the closest friends is like family. Taylor and Destiny are like my family. If anything happens they are normally the first
Best friends Destiny Winkler & Hope Swart
ones to know. I will always be here for them and for the rest of my friends. I love you all.
The Bridges
460 Central Avenue North Valley City, North Dakota 58072 email:
Bridges Editorial
Where is Spring? The nation was told on Groundhog’s Day that spring would be sprung early this year. Since there is still about a foot of snow on the ground in some places and we are awaiting yet another April snow storm, that is more than likely not going to happen. Everyone has heard of some ridiculous lawsuits, but suing a ground hog for saying we would have a early spring, really? As if that is not pathetic enough, here are some other crazy lawsuits that people have filed over the years. In 2000, Cleanthi Peters sued Universal Studios for $15,000. She visited Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights haunted house and claimed to have suffered extreme fear, emotional distress, and said it was “too scary.” Since when were haunted houses frightening, right? When kids commit crimes, who is responsible? The makers of every video game, of course. In 2001, Linda Sanders and other family members of Columbine High School sued 25 movie and video game companies for $5 billion. She said if it were not for the violence in the movies, or video games the massacre that occurred at the school would have never happened. Last but not least, in 2005, Austin Aitken sued NBC for $2.5 million. After watching an episode of “Fear Factor” he said that the contestants eating rats made him suffer great pain and injury. It made him dizzy and light-headed, causing him to vomit and then proceed to run into a doorway. Long story short, weak stomachs and gross TV shows do not mix. When it comes to lawsuits, keep it professional, not pathetic.
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Letters to the Editor
by Destiny Winkler I could not put off writing this opinion any longer... Trust me, I tried. When I was trying to come up with a topic for my opinion, it occurred to me that I have endless writing material on what I have NOT been doing. My duties have been increasingly pushed aside to make room for sleep and loafing around. I have contracted Type A Senioritis. Every year, this deadly disease hits seniors throughout the world. Graduation’s impending arrival fills us with a joy for the future. With our eyes set on the horizon, however, we forget to watch the path in front of us.
I Was Just Pondering: Procrastination
I have diagnosed myself with Type A Senioritis, because I still get my school work done, but it is my extracurriculars that are feeling the pinch. Much to my inner dismay, I have had little to no energy for tennis. Considering that my New Year’s Resolution involved an emphasis on fitness, I should feel more motivation for the sport. Alas, I do not. I want to spend the rest of my senior year in a state of hibernation. Earlier this month, where speech and tennis bleed into each other, I was feeling downright exhausted. I just wanted to curl up and not care about anything. By the virtue of neverending lists of scholarships to fill out, papers to write, math problems to solve, and events to go to, I am forced to keep my butt in gear. Senioritis can only be cured by the conclusion of my senior year. Otherwise, a relapse is evident. A quote is circulating around the web that goes, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I can see why many people feel the need to pin it on Pinterest, or buy a pillow with the saying. While the mantra may be highly applicable, I still know it is impossible for me to abide by it. For me, the mantra would go, “Go With the Flow Until You Get to the Sea.” While the waves of senioritis are going around, it is only a matter of time before I will not be able to call myself a senior. This simply blows my mind. I will be reaching the end of my high school years... Then, after a short summer, I will be in college. Wow. Long story short, even though I feel sluggish and exhausted now, pretty soon I will be done with high school for the rest of forever. Chances are, it is going to
April 26, 2013
fly by, and I am going to miss it. Which is hard to picture now... Then again, it is easy to see how much I want to finish the race strong, and say I smelled the roses along the way.
Thoughts of a Smart - Dumb Blonde
by Jessica Gylden Many students of the senior class seem to have recently been hit by a combination of senioritis and spring fever. While I am no exception, and I am certainly not immune to its effects, it seems I have been struck by another unexplainable force. What is this force? I am not truly sure what one would call this effect. For expediency’s sake, I shall call it a sense of ambitious urgency. How I have managed to find ambition while also managing my impending senioritis, I do not know. However, this phenomenon has occurred. My question for the masses is this: am I the only one who has realized, nearly too late, that I want to become more involved? Throughout the years I have been involved enough in the extracurricular sense to make me feel like a well rounded individual. I have been in the everything from the stereotypical nerd activities, to the classic athlete activities. However, this feeling of adequate participation has not stopped me from joining a new activity just as my final year at VCHS comes to a close. The question I constantly ask myself is not why I have joined, but why I have waited this long to do so. Why is it that we wait until “crunch time” to apply ourselves in new ways? Perhaps we are afraid of failure, afraid of not fitting in, afraid of committing to something you may not love, afraid period. Mine was a combination of a fear of failure and of committing to something I may not love. These reasons are no where near good enough to stop an individual from joining an activity, as fear should not be the driving factor in a decision making process. At this point in my high school career, I have realized that I waited much too long to find my niche, or niches plural. I wish I would not have waited. The moral to this sad tail of motivation is, if you have any inclination to join something early on, follow through with that impulse. On the other hand, if you do not start early, it is never too late to join. So folks, get motivated, get involved, and find your niche before you find yourself joining something in your final few months of high school. I will always regret not becoming involved in these activities from the start. Do not be like me, sitting here, forcing myself to wonder how my high school experience would have been different if I had not let my fear of failure get the best of me. Never be afraid of putting yourself out there when it comes to extracurricular activities.
Monthly Feature
April 26, 2013
by Destiny Winkler and Hope Swart La famila, la famille, Die Familie, Семья. No matter if it is said in Spanish, French, German, or Russian, family is family. Everyone has a biological family, but the best members of our “families” are friends. Having close friends is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. These friends come along at random points in our lives and make everything brighter. Often, these friends could be called “Fate Friends.” The story of the friendship of Hope Swart and Destiny Winkler is a story of “Fate Friends.” We met in the first grade at a birthday party, and found ourselves sitting next to each other in the second grade. Long story short, we have remained close ever since. A friendship like this is one that comes out of nowhere, and can not be found-- it finds you. The most common friendship is one that spawns out of mutual interest. Sometimes they spring out of a class, or other times the friendship arises in an extracurricular. This phenomena explains why sports teams seem to be made up of friends. The friendship comes naturally. The last type of friendship could be called, “the Breakfast Club Effect.” The Breakfast Club is a classic from 1985, in which a group of unlikely high school students enter detention as strangers, but leave as friends. Many people have at least one friend, who stereotypically looks nothing like
Life in HopeDestiny
Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas
Caricatures by JoLynn Gregoryk
their other friends, but is one of their best friends. These friends are definitely blessings in disguise. They redefine friendship, and show us that anyone could be our new best friend. Friendship is a major part of high school. It can define who you are, it can change you from who you really are. The reality of being with the “good crowd” and the “bad crowd” can make the difference of having an enjoyable high school experience and a bad one. Having the right friends can minimize drama, and therefore stress. No one wants to have a stressful year. Family is family, whether they are related through blood, or bonds of friendship. Having friends, whether they are “Fate Friends,” mutual interest friends, or friends found through “the Breakfast Club Effect,” can make all the difference in having a great high school years.
by Taylor Keys Ingredients 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips 2 Tbsp vegetable oil 2 tsp chili powder 2 tsp cumin ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp dried oregano ¼ tsp salt 1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes with green chilies 1 medium onion, sliced 1 large sliced bell pepper 12 flour tortillas Toppings such as cheese and sour cream. Instructions: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Place chicken strips in a greased 13×9 baking dish. In a small bowl combine the oil, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, dried oregano, and salt. Drizzle the spice mixture over the chicken and stir to coat. Next add the tomatoes, peppers, and onions to the dish and stir to combine. Bake uncovered for 20-25 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender. Serve on tortillas with desired toppings.
by Taylor Keys Ingredients : 1 roll (12-count) raw buttermilk biscuits\ 1 gallon vegetable oil Powdered or cinnamon sugar, to garnish Directions: In a deep fryer, pour vegetable oil to the fill line and set temperature to 360°F. Separate biscuits, then cut into quarters. Once oil is hot, fry biscuit quarters, turning once, until golden brown and floating, about 3 minutes. With a slotted spoon, carefully transfer beignets to a paper towel-lined plate. Sprinkle with powdered or cinnamon sugar and serve immediately.
Adding some Hope to YOUR Destiny!
Monthly Feature
April 26, 2013
What are the ODDS?!!!
by Hope Swart “This just in! There is a huge snow storm coming towards North Dakota. There will be up to 12 inches of snow.” “Wait a second, is it not the middle of April?” “Why yes it is, but that does not stop mother nature.” It was the middle of April and most of North Dakota was just covered by a heavy, wet blanket of snow. Valley City got from eight to 10 inches of snow on Monday, April 15. School was called off and the city crew set out to work on yet another day to clear the streets as best as they could. After all was said and done everyone is looking forward to the nice warm weather to come. Let’s just hope there are no more surprises from Mother Nature in May.
Take a Look at this BOOK!
by Hope Swart Has anyone ever wanted to fly as a child, or an adult? Ever thought that having wings would be the coolest thing in the world? While some may think this, Max from James Patterson’s Maximum Ride thinks they are used for good and not for fun. Max has a “family” of five other children that are just like her. They all have wings and also have special talents. Max is the “leader” of her flock. They all have to watch their backs from Erasers which are part human part wolf that have a blood lust for the flock. Max and the rest of her “family” end up finding out that Jeb, the guy who helped them escape from the school, is not dead. He tells Max that her reason for being made the way she is is because she is meant to save the world. Max does not know whether, or not to believe him, but she takes her family and they get away from the school. Can Max save the world? Can she do it alone, or does she need the flock? Find out what happens to Max and the rest of her flock in Maximum Ride by James Patterson.
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Monthly Feature/The Funnies
P athetic Horrorsby Taylor Storhoff
April 26, 2013
# Dad Problems
byT aylor Keys
.....And so it ends
by Iain Horner
Yummy in My Tummy
by Hope Swart
For REAL!!!!!
According to meteorological records the only months it has not snowed in North Dakota are July and August.
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Monthly Feature 7 Art ist of the Month
by Hope Swart Age: 16 Favorite Activity: Band Favorite Color: Red Favorite Movie: Monty Python and e Holy Grail Hobbies: Reading; I am a bit of a loner. Favorite Song: e Downfall of Us All by A Day to Remember Favorite Class: Band
Adam & Annie Hart
April 26, 2013
All In the Family Sibling Rivalry
by Tonya Van Dyke Who is the favorite: Adam: Annie Annie: Me, obviously. Who eats the most? Adam: Me, me, me! I supersize everyday. You eat little bits ALL the time. Annie: Me, definitely me, except when I’m suppose to. Who is the funniest? Adam: (Raises hand) Annie: Adam What is the last thing you two did together? Adam: We do things together? Annie: (Laughs) We play video games occasionally at like three in the morning, but that is like twice a year. Will you miss each other next year? Adam: You are always gone anyways. Annie: Yes! I’ll come visit you! Adam: Yeah “visit” and then just end up at West Acres. Who is the most responsible? Adam: Annie Annie: Really you think so?! None of us are. We are the Harts!
Kristen Lindermann
Favorite day of the year: My birthday, July 19
Who does the weirdest things? Adam: Annie. She is infamous for them. We call them Annieisms. Also she is a ginger, and she dips her sugar cookies in ranch dressing. Annie: Hmmm, I don’t know. Who is the most tech savvy? Adam: Not even a question. Annie: Adam Who starts the most fights? Adam: No fights. That takes energy. Annie: We don’t fight. Who is the coolest? Adam: Annie Annie: Adam Who is the pickiest? Adam: Me! Annie: Adam, and he knows it.
Athlete of the Month
by Jessica Gylden Age: 18 Activities: Football, Track, Bowling Person that Inspires You: Usain Bolt Favorite Sport to Watch: Minnesota Vikings football Favorite Sport to Play: Track Favorite Pre/Post Game Food: Skittles Pump Up Activity: Listening to music Dream Job: Professional athlete Favorite Quote: Hard work pays off
Dereck Durheim
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April 26, 2013
Born in the USA was the brain-child of last year's journalism staff. It features people who were born in the USA, and were innovators in their fields.
by Sadia Yusuf Since the dawn of time, humans have been studying, and continue to find out more about how a body should operate for the average Homo sapien. Now, people are able to live longer, and a main contributor is health. However, good health is in the eye of the beholder. So not everyone cares about the importance of diet and exercise. It was important to a famous health expert by the name of Jack LaLanne. Jack LaLanne was a fitness and nutritional guru for decades. He was also called “ godfather of fitness.” However, he did not grow up with good health on his mind. He claimed when he was younger, he was addicted to junkfood. Then at about age 14, his father, Jean LaLanne, died of a heart attack at age 58 due to poor nutrition. This caused LaLanne to eat worse than he already did. He even developed bulimia and suffered severe headaches which led to him temporarily drop out of high school. His life turned around when he heard health pioneer Paul Bragg give a speech about the importance of health while focusing on the “evils of meat and sugar.” LaLanne then changed his unhealthy lifestyle completely around. He went back to finish school and focused on being in great shape. He then went to a college in San Fracisco and earned a impressive Doctor of Chiropractic degree and also concentrating on bodybuilding and weight lifting. And to prove his love for good health, in 1936, he opened one of the nation’s first fitness clubs in Oakland, California. He helped motivate clients to improve their health. However, doctors thought he was an exercise maniac who would only cause people to become musclebound. These allegations did not stop LaLanne from contiuing his success. LaLanne went on to design the first leg extension machines, pulley machines using cables, and weight selectors which ahave become standard in the fitness industry. Also, his gym ownership led to his brief professional wrestling career, since tons of wrestlers attended his gyms for their weight training. As if his success was not enough, LaLanne had the longest running television exercise program. The Jack LaLanne Show was on television for 34 years. Throughout most of his life, LaLanne blamed over processed foods for most of the health problems in the world. He took part in an often encouraged mostly meatless diet and also took vitamin supplements. He ate about two meals a day, without snacks, while following his golden rules: “If man made it, don’t eat it.” and “If it tastes good, spit it out.” LaLanne’s exercise plan mostly consisted of weightlifting until the point of muscle fatigue in whichever muscle group he was work-
e h T In
USA Mind Mysteries
ing on. He also developed a habit of going from exercise to exercise without taking a break and was not a big fan of warm-up exercises. His home contained two gyms and a pool which was used daily. LaLanne also had a streak of accomplishing various fitness driven goals. At age 40, LaLanne swam the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater, with 140 pounds of air tanks and other equipment strapped to his body. At age 42, he won the world record for doing 1,033 push-ups in 23 minutes. Even at age 70, while hancuffed and shackled, LaLanne towed 70 rowboats containing guests and swam one mile to celebrate his birthday! Jack LaLanne seemed invincible, however even he could not overcome the end of life. On January 23, 2011, LaLanne died of respirtory failure because of pneumonia. He was 96. LaLanne dedicated his life to fitness and health and encouraged people to stay in shape. LaLanne was an inspiration and a muse to so many people. One could even say he started the fitness revolution. He will forever be known as the Guru of Fitness.
by Taylor Keys Why do people dream? What purpose do dreams serve? While people are wrapped in a blanket, and tucked in bed, hundreds of thoughts and emotions pass through their minds. A dream can include thoughts that individuals have had, images that have been seen, and emotions that have been felt. The brain is active when humans are sleeping, revealing feelings and fears. In dreams, people usually find themselves getting chased by a killer, fighting an enemy, getting pushed off of a mountain top, or maybe something such as finding themselves naked in public. For instance, if you dream you are falling off a cliff, then in real life you may be panicking about failing a test (falling off the deep end). Even though there are many theories, scientists still do not completely understand the purpose of a dream. What they do know is that dreaming is a way of going through various events that have happened, or may happen. Some believe that dreams contain hidden truths, or may even predict the future. If this is the case, many people will be falling of cliffs, or arrested for indecent exposure. Other times, dreams help us make artistic breakthroughs. People can also use dreams to discover their own gifts and express them in their own unique ways, or simply be baffled by the complexity of the human mind.
Tammy Heck Brenda Olson Tues-Fri: 9-5 and evenings by appt.
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Classic Cuts
Leevers Supporting High School Academics for over 20 years
April 26, 2013
VCHS Goes to Ducks: Duck Stamp Winners 2013
Senior H. Division: (3rd)
by Amanda Starr
S.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Iain Horner
Senior H. Division: (2nd) S.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by JoLynn Gregoryk
Senior H. Division: (2nd)
by Tia Wagar
by Spencer Meyer
J.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Madison Jewett
Senior H. Division: (3rd)
by Jazzlyn Statema
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention) Junior H. Division: (2nd)
by Josh Jones
by Sierra Munro
Senior H. Division: (1st)
by Derek Reimers
J.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Abby Brown
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Madison Capman
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Taylor Keys
Senior H. Division: (Best of Show) S.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Destiny Winkler
by Krista Wurzer
Senior H. Division: (1st)
by Marielle Villarin
J.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Aleysia Burgard
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention) S.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Clay LaRocque
Junior H. Division: (1st)
by Cassidy Fulton
J.H.D. : (Honorable Mention) S.H. Division: (Honorable Mention)
by Marissa Hochstetler
by Tawny Hildebrant
by Brionna Pfaff
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Whitney Dawes
S.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Torrey Morehouse
J.H.D. : (Honorable Mention)
by Madison Anderson
Special Feature
10 & 11
April 26, 2013
f f u b r e d
P rom Deco rat
Speech Season Wraps Up with Flurries, Fun Times
by Destiny Winkler The EDC tournament was held on April 6 in Grand Forks. EDC was the last chance for students to qualify for the state tournament on April 20. The students were on the bus at 5:30 a.m. and ready to compete at 8:30 a.m. Undaunted by the early morning, the team took third place, narrowly missing second place. Below is a list of students who qualified and attended the State Tournament in Jamestown. +Dempsey Williams- 5th in Entertain and 1st Alternate in Radio Broadcasting +Abby Slyter- 7th in Entertain and state qualified in Poetry +Carl Vinje- Pre qualified in Entertain +Amanda Bjork- 1st Alternate in Entertain, and pre qualified in Humorous Duo +Joseph Munowenyu- 7th in Humorous Interpretation and 1st in Serious Duo +Adam Hart- Pre qualified in Humorous Interpretation +Bethany Berntson- 3rd in Persuade and EDC champion in Inform +Hannah Peterson- 6th in Inform, +Maddie Bennett- State qualified in Inform +Erik Johnson- 1st Alternate in Inform and State qualified in Serious Prose +Jordyn Sayler- 5th in Dramatic Interpretation +Cacie Lloyd- 8th in Dramatic Interpretation +Mikaylah Ross- 5th in Story Telling and 5th in Serious Duo +Tanner Clark- 4th in Serious Prose and 9th in Radio Broadcasting +Saidee Oberlander- 3rd in Humorous Duo and 3rd in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading +Tia Wagar- 3rd in Humorous Duo and 6th in Serious Duo +Jacob Berntson- State qualified in Humorous Duo, state qualified in Radio Broadcasting +Mikey Meester- State qualified in Humorous Duo +Destiny Winkler- Pre qualified in Humorous Duo and 5th in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading +Bryce Jensen- 1st in Serious Duo +Jessica Gylden- 5th in Serious Duo and EDC champion in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading +Aislinn Fogarty- 6th in Serious Duo
April 26, 2013
by Saidee Oberlander Most people would imagine spending five days in a hotel to be an exciting experience, akin to that seen on the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. But, as the VCHS speech students can tell you, it may not be all that it is cracked up to be. The best speech students from across North Dakota gathered at the Seven Seas in Mandan to compete in the National Forensics League qualifying tournament. These students got to spend a lot of quality time together because of the giant snowstorm that passed through the state and stranded the teams inside. It was worth the experience, however, as both Bethany Berntson and Tia Wagar qualified for the national tournament in Birmingham, AL. The North Dakota National Forensics League competition was scheduled to be held from Sunday, April 14, through Tuesday, April 16. However, due to the impending snowstorm, the Valley City team left on Saturday to beat the storm. The competition, with rounds scheduled to be held on Monday and Tuesday, was pushed back to Tuesday and Wednesday. This resulted in the students staying within the Seven Seas building from Saturday until Wednesday. This extra time was spent swimming, talking, and, of course, practicing speeches. Competition began on Tuesday in a condensed version of the original plan for the tournament. Valley City had students competing in dramatic, original oratory, humorous, and duo. After a furious flurry of rounds, the list of the twelve in each event who made it into Semi-finals was put up in the hotel lobby. Three students from VCHS were in these rounds, Bethany Berntson in oratory, Tia Wagar in humorous, and Tia Wagar and Saidee Oberlander in duo. After the Semi-finals, the lists for finals were posted. This time only two VCHS students moved on, Bethany Berntson and Tia Wagar. The event concluded with a short ceremony where the people who would be going to the national tournament were announced. Both girls who had made it into finals qualified for the tournament. It was also announced that Berntson won first place with her oratory. Both Wagar and Bernston will be traveling to Birmingham, AL, this summer to compete in the National NFL Tournament, along with their coach Eydie Wagar and students and coaches from across the state of North Dakota. Congratulations, girls, on your remarkable achievement.
State Speech brings VCHS fifth
by Gabby Cummings April 20 is one of the most exciting days during a speech kid’s 2013 season. They headed out to State Speech, leaving Valley City at 7 am, the latest they have gotten to sleep in all season. This year at State, the Valley City Speech team put on a good performance coming in fifth in team sweepstakes. Several VCHS students also made it into the coveted final rounds. Persuade: Bethany Berntson - 7th Humorous: Adam Hart - 4th Entertain: Carl Vinje - 8th Radio: Aislinn Fogarty - 8th EPR: Destiny Winkler - 3rd Saidee Oberlander - 5th Inform: Bethany Berntson 2nd Humorous Duo: Jacob Berntson and Mikey Meester - 4th Serious Duo: Aislinn Fogarty and Tia Wagar - 3rd Jessica Gylden and Mikaylah Ross - 5th
VC Speech team gather at EDC for a group shot in Grand Forks. (Photo submitted by Eydie Wagar)
April 26, 2013
Sheyenne Care Center VCHS Baby Boom!
Little future Hi-Liners are popping up in VCHS! Last month, the Bridges featured Principal Dan Larson's baby. This month speech assistant coach Andrea Jensen's child is featured.
by Gabby Cummings The Sheyene Care Center is soon to be experiencing a new view. Angi Hansen, Sheyenne Care Center Music Therapist, has invited two high school art students to paint a mural on an outside wall of the Circle of Life Cottage. This exciting offer from the SCC Mission Committee will be a great learning experience and fun. Destiny Winkler and JoLynn Gregoryk are honored and excited to be chosen. Their plan for the wall is to paint a scenic view of a garden as if the persons looking at it were on a porch. The girls also decided they will paint hidden objects in their masterpiece and create a list for a searching activity for the residents and families to enjoy. When asked about this project, the two had many things to say. “It is such a huge honor to be able to make a piece of art that the community and visiting families can enjoy,” Winkler commented. Gregoryk also said, “It’s exciting to be given an opportunity to make a difference in our community, doing something that we like to do.” The girls are presently in the process of creating a sketch that will scheduled to be done by April 25, at which time they will present the sketch to the Sheyene Care Center. After this sketch has been completed and approved, the girls hope to start the project in June. This project is an amazing contribution to the Sheyene Care Center and to the community.
Clark Leland Jensen was born on March 28, 2013 at 3:17 p.m. He was 7 lb. 2 oz. and 20 1/2 in. long. Clark's parents are James and Andrea Jensen. His middle name is after James' grandfather, Leland Sabby who taught Math at Valley City High School for many years. Mrs. Jensen had this to say about their new baby, "We absolutely cannot get enough of our sweet little guy!"
Sheyenne Care Center
Dining assistant postions available weekends & after school Check with us for possible CNA openings
For details call 701-845-8222
Above is a photo of the wall the of the Circle of Life Cottage that will be painted by Destiny Winkler and JoLynn Gregoryk beginning in June. With any luck, the snow will be gone and spring/summer weather will influence their creative moods to bring the painted garden to life. (Photo submitted by Angi Hansen)
Spring is coming!
Arts and Entertainment
Student leaders get creative
April 26, 2013
Mr. History Draws on the Past
Recently Dean Koppelman (center) received the scary news his sonin-law, who is a cattle rancher, had been mauled by a cow. Although his prognosis is encouraging, everyone here at VCHS knew this was going to be an expensive ordeal for the family. So the VCHS Jr/Sr Student Council and Peer Facilitators raised funds by holding a cake walk and chalk sale at the Powder Buff Volleyball tounament on April 8. Kuchen and decorated sugar cookies were donated by Eydie Wagar and Carol Foth, respectively, as prizes for the cake walk, or should we say 'Kuchen, Cookie Walk'! Boxes of chalk were sold as a grease remover for fabric, which by the way works great! The effort brought in $392 and was given to Mr. Koppelman to bring to his family. Pictured above L-R: Rachel Schauer, Ruth Ihry, Kyle Knutson, Kallie Brandt, Hailee Peterson, Angela VanBruggen (student council advisor) and Koppelman, seated.
At the end of March, Valley City 8th graders were treated to Mr. History, (Steve Stark) who illustrated the history of the Lewis and Clark Trail, “Corps of Discovery”. His presentation coordinated with Mr. Dan Bjorum’s 8th grade history lesson. Mr. History’s presentation was a prize awarded by the Fargo Forum, to five area teachers who receive newspapers in the classroom. Cindy Ross, VCHS ED/ LD teacher, was a lucky winner, and organized the presentation for the 8th graders with the creative assistance from Jeff Schlittenhardt and Rick Anderson.
Need something to celebrate?
by Hope Swart May 1 is . . . . . Mother Goose Day and Save The Rhino Day May 2 is . . . . . Fire Day May 3 is . . . . . Lumpy Rug Day May 4 is . . . . . National Candied Orange Peel Day May 5 is . . . . . Hoagie Day May 6 is . . . . . Beverage Day May 8 is . . . . . No Socks Day and Have A Coke Day May 9 is . . . . . Lost Sock Memorial Day May 10 is . . . . Clean Up Your Room Day May 11 is . . . . Eat What You Want Day and Twilight Zone Day May 12 is . . . . Limerick Day May 13 is . . . . Leprechaun Day May 14 is . . . . National Dance Like A Chicken Day May 15 is . . . . National Chocolate Chip Day May 16 is . . . . Wear Purple For Peace Day May 17 is . . . . Pack Rat Day May 18 is . . . . International Museum Day and Visit Your Relatives Day May 19 is . . . . Frog Jumping Jubilee Day May 21 is . . . . National Memo Day and National Waitresses/ Waiters Day May 22 is . . . . Buy-A-MusicalInstrument Day May 23 is . . . . Penny Day May 24 is . . . . National Escargot Day May 25 is . . . . National Tap Dance Day h t t p : / / l i b r a r y. t h i n k q u e s t . org/2886/mar.htm
Artists create artists
For the Finest in Printing & Home of the "Rat Pack" Shirt
Student teacher Stephani Steffen taught Mrs. Foth's Art I students to create ceramic heads of famous artists from photographs.
Valley Graphics
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April 26, 2013
Prom Decorating Smooth Sailing
by Tonya Van Dyke It is that time of the year again. It is PROM TIME! April 2 the Juniors from Valley City High School started the madness of prom decorating. With the madness taking place throughout the month of April, the juniors had approximately one month to create “Titanic: The Ship of Dreams” prom they were hoping for. Spending Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings in the HAC lobby with fellow classmates and prom decorating supervisor Carol Foth, the group was able to start from scratch and make this another VCHS prom to remember. The group uses their own creativity along with help from Foth to create anything they can imagine using cardboard, paint, and lots of GLITTER! Prom decorator Saidee Oberlander said her favorite part of decorating is getting to see all of the ideas come together. While Gabby Cummings and Amanada Starr said that their favorite part is GLITTERING, to the frustration of janitors, Mr. Kjelland, and Mr. Wilmes. With the overall help from classmates, Foth, class advisors, and parents, the prom masterpiece will be completed by May 4. The Junior class will again dazzle the eyes of the crowd who comes to watch the “Titanic: Ship of Dreams” Grand March. Guidelines for prom have changed this year. A er grand march, prom couples will not be allowed to leave the HAC area. VCHS prom audience will be allowed to stay and mingle with the prom goers for approximately fifteen minutes after prom, then they will be asked to leave the area. An announcement will be made to remind the audience that they must leave. These changes have been made for the safety of the students going to prom and to begin the dance in a timely manner. Don't miss photos of prom progress on pages 10 & 11 of this issue.
Choir Students Take Home the Stars
by Jessica Gylden Early morning bus ride? Check. Vocal warm-ups on the bus? Check. Large groups of individuals randomly breaking out in song? Check. All of said groups creating notes that clash atrociously? Check. What kind of phenomenon could this be? North Dakota Regional Vocal Music Contest! This year, vocal music contest was held on April 5, at Olivet Lutheran Church. Students were asigned rooms to perform in at specific times when the ensembles and soloists would perform for a judge who rated them with a star, a one, a two, or a three. Those who received a star continue on to the North Dakota State Vocal Music Contest on April 26. The following people received stars in the solo category as well as the song that was performed: Rachael Schauer (Nell), Beth Bernston (Un certo non so che), Saidee Oberlander (Seit ich ihn gesehen), Mason Bjornson (I Attempt From Love’s Sickness), April Bernston (Nel cor piu non mi sento), and Abigail Ingstad (Ich kann’s nicht fassen). These ensembles and the members listed also received state stars at vocal contest: Tanner Clark, Brett Rockneberg, Mason Bjornson, Addison Lerud, Colin Naeseth, and Carl Vinje (Keep Your Lamps); Steven Horner, Brandon Breckheimer, Devon Liljenquist, Jarod Nelson, Carl Vinje, Tanner Clark, Brett Rockneberg, Mason Bjornson, Addison Lerud, Colin Naeseth, Jared Swanberg, Tayler Lentz, with flute accompaniests Jordyn Sayler, and Sarah Schauer (The King of Love My Shepard Is); Beth Berntson, Saidee Oberlander, Jamie Ronning, Gabby Cummings, Kayla Engelhard, Katlyn Clemo, Aislinn Fogarty, Miranda Grafing, Lindsay Brandt, and Hannah Ashline (Away From the Roll of the Sea); Clarissa Olson, April Berntson, Jordyn Sayler, Rebekah Peterson, Hope Burchill, Mikayla Gustafson, Annie Hart, Sadie Klingenberg, Brooke Breckheimer, and Madison McDaniel (In You I’ve Found); Rachael and Sarah Schauer (La Vierge a la Creche); Annie Hart, Brooke Breckheimer, Rachael Schauer, and Sarah Schauer (Benedictus); and Beth Berntson, Saidee Oberlander, Jamie Ronning, Tanner Clark, Colin Naeseth, Mason Bjornson, Carl Vinje, Addison Lerud, Kayla Engelhard, Gabby Cummings, and Rachael Schauer (I’m A Sinner Man). Congratulations to all those who starred at regionals, and good luck to the choir students performing at state!
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April 26, 2013
Swing Choir Showcase
Game On for the Jazzin' Concert
by Saidee Oberlander They march up and down the street, they carry instruments larger than their bodies on a daily basis, and they use enough air to play them to fill a hot air balloon. Yet, band is not a sport. That is all about to change. On Monday, May 6, the annual VCHS band and Jazz Band Jazzin’ Concert will be held, with a little bit of a twist. Instead of the usual concert of entire bands sitting in rows, the concert has picked up a bit of a pep band theme. Almost all songs will be selected from the pep band files and will be played in small ensembles instead of large groups. The idea for this concert stemmed from the minds of the senior girls in band. They were tired of playing static, albeit fun, band songs and wanted to try something new. What started as simply a pep band themed concert has blossomed into an entire sports event. The concert will start with a pregame show of songs played by complete bands. Then it starts to get interesting. Spotlights will be placed on small ensembles comprised of each instrument dispersed throughout the HAC. The ensembles will play a pep band song that they themselves picked out and will be dressed as a sport. Song and sport combinations have no rhyme, or reason to them, so they vary from wrestlers playing the Theme from Star Wars to tennis stars playing Bohemian Rhapsody. One highlight of the night will be the Senior Girls ensemble dresses as sports fans who will be playing a version of Benny and the Jets which their band director Tom Kjelland arranged for them. The concert will be set up just like a real sporting event with the pregame, halftime, grand finale, and some tailgating. Overall, the event will be an exciting concert to attend. The band hopes a big crowd will attend to cheer the “athletes” on.
by Destiny Winkler The second annual Swing Choir Showcase was held on March 26. The event featured four high school choirs, and one choir from Valley City State University. The event was attended by 250 people, and was the last showcase of the 2012-2013 VCHS Swing Choir. Youth stormed the stage with a brief joint performance of “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. The choirs dispersed after this blip, leaving the Bismarck Horizon Middle School show choir on the stage. The choir sang “Dancing in the Street,” “Tonight, Tonight,” and “Footloose.” The Wahpeton High School also sang three songs including, “Flashdance,” “Need You Now,” and “I Love Rock n’ Roll.” Jamestown also had a similar selection. They sang, “Old Time Rock and Roll,” “I’m Yours,” “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” and selections from Grease. The last of the high schools to perform was Valley City. They sang, “Endless Love,” “Good Vibrations,” “Summer Nights” from Grease, and “Don’t Stop Believing.” Last, the Valley City State University performed their songs accapella. They performed “Eleanor Ribgy” flawlessly, but had a hang up at “Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father” and were forced to restart. They performed “When October Goes,” and once the applause for the song died, all the choirs stormed the stage to perform “Party Rock Anthem” one last time. Sheila Zinke, the VCHS Choir Director remarked, “I thought all the choirs learned valuable lessons from seeing each other perform. There are not very many show choirs in the state.”
Come to the Vangstad Auditiorium on Sunday, April 28, 2013 to experience The Combined Choirs of Valley City State University and Valley City High School singing
Carmina Burana
by Carl Orff
Admission is Free Donations will be Accepted
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April 26, 2013
Paulson ranks April MLB Power
by Ricky Paulson Early in this season a clear number one favorite has surfaced in the MLB. is team will be at the top of my power rankings. 1. e Atlanta Braves have been playing out of their minds so far this season. Only 14 games have been played this season and the Braves have already had a nine game winning streak. e o season moves created hype, and then they created reality because the Upton brothers are playing great baseball right now especially Justin. He is batting .333 with a .393 OBP, 8 homeruns, and 12 RBIs. Most teams put their best hitter in the three spot, and that is exactly what the Braves are doing. Look for the Braves to continue dominance over the rest of the league. 2. At number two is the Boston Red Sox, the Sox had a very disappointing year and literally tried to start over a er dumping the highest combined salary ever in one trade when they traded Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett to the Dodgers. Boston also hired former Blue Jays manager John Farrell over the o season. e reason for ther Boston dominance is due to the amazing start by their 1,2,3 starters Jon Lester, Clay Bucholtz, and Ryan Dempster. Combined the three have piled up 58 innings and have only allowed 9 earned runs in those innings. Boston is geared for the playo s, if they reach the playo s and can pitch a three man rotation with those guys it is game over for anyone else in the American league. 3. Oakland has been, again, surprising to the rest of the league. Oakland has been pitching very well so far this season they are 1st in the league in quality starts, this sets the tone for the batters, because the batters know that they only have to score four runs to win the ball game. Oakland is doing more than just scoring 4 runs they are averaging six runs a game which makes them rst in the league in runs. Many players are contributing to the e ort in the lineup. What really helps start the games out right for the Athletics is that, the lead o hitter, Coco Crisp is getting on base 43 percent of the time. is has attributed to his crossing home plate 16 times and he has also drove in 8 RBIs. 4. e sole reason I am putting the Rockies at four under the Athletics is pitching. e reason I put the Rockies, and Athletics under the Red Sox is also pitching. e Rockies have been hitting the seems o of the ball so far this season. Again, it starts with the lead o hitter with the Rockies, Dexter Fowler, has been getting on base over 38 percent of the time setting up the three hitter Carlos Gonzalez. Cargo has been playing at a MVP level so far this season. He is getting on base nearly half of the time, with a .380 avg, four homeruns, and eight RBIs. At the four, ve, six, and seven spot the Rockies have seen tremendous output including 42 RBIs. Also their seven hitter, Willin Rosario, has been producing like a three hitter. He is batting .341, with 4 homeruns, 11 RBIs, and he is getting on base 37 percent of the time 5.Detroit made it to the World Series last year even though they got swept by the Giants they still claimed the American League crown. Detroit is in the top ve of the power rankings for the same reason last year, pitching, pitching, pitching. e top four starters for the Tigers have been on re so far this season Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Doug Fister, and Anibal Sanchez all are posting an era under three, Anibal Sanchez has an era under 2. Pitching is not the only thing that is keeping this team going runs have been coming at a premium, Detroit is 6th in runs, and 2nd in batting average. e Tigers have three players in the top ten in hits including Torii Hunter, and Austin Jackson who are one, and two in the league. ese teams are the top ve teams in the show, and look for them to continue their dominance of the league.
Girls' softball, or snowball?
by Saidee Oberlander Spring is the time for owers, birds, and so ball. Unless, of course, winter decides to overstay its welcome. With a thin layer of snow still covering the so ball diamonds, all so ball games have been postponed until the u y foe nally melts. Yet, the inability to practice outside has not hindered the drive and dedication of these girls. e team is looking past the snow and to warmer weather in hopes of nding success on the diamond. Last season, the Hi-Liners were prevented from advancing to the state tournament at the EDC competition, but were in the running for most of the year. e team hopes to be just as competative.
photo coming
Pitchers Demi Olstad and Tarryn Justesen get in a little 'snowball' practice. (Photo by Carol Foth)
April 26, 2013
by Saidee Oberlander One would think that having snow on the ground would bring the track and field season to a halt. Not for the dedicated team at VCHS. Even though winter decided to stay a little longer than usual this year and has postponed most outdoor meets, the snow has not stopped the track and field athletes of VCHS from competing in indoor meets and practicing both indoors and outside. The team attended several indoor meets while they waited for the snow to melt off their track. Here are the results from some of the indoor season. EDC Indoor Meet: Girl’s 1600 Meter Run April Berntson - 3rd Girls 60 Meter Hurdles Bekah Peterson - 10th Girl’s 800 Meter Run April Berntson - 6th Girl’s High Jump Rachael Schauer - 10th Girl’s Triple Jump Abby Brown - 2nd Bekah Peterson - 8th Girl’s Shot Put Tonya Van Dyke - 9th Girls 4x200 Relay Ruth Ihry, Brienne Roehrich, Bekah Peterson, Alesysia Burgard - 8th Boys 4x200 Relay Dereck Durheim, Jack Jenson, John Halgrimson, Colin Naeseth, - 8th JV Indoor Track and Field Meet: Girls 4x800 Meter Relay Jessica Ronning, Camille Kawasaki, Eden Crump, Barbara Zubrod - 3rd
Track Facts Intramural Happenings
Girls 4x200 Meter Relay Aleysia Burgard, Gabby Cummings, Kayla Engelhard, Cherrie Varner - 6th Girls 800 Meter Run Barbara Zubrod - 5th Girls High Jump Annie Hart - 6th Girls Pole Vault Sarah Schauer - 1st Annie Hart - 2nd Boys 60 Yard Dash John Halgrimson - 2nd Casey Engelhard - 9th Boys 200 Meter Dash John Halgrimson - 3rd Boys High Jump Casey Englehard - 2nd Boys Pole Vault Clay LaRocque - 3rd Lucas Jury - 5th Boy’s Triple Jump Derek Reimers - 6th by Gabby Cummings What is the best thing to do on a Thursday night? Get in your car, go to the HAC, and watch the Intramural Basketball games, of course. These exciting games have been everywhere from intense nailbiters to boring blow-outs. The intramural games started March 14 and have been an exciting addition to the school week. The games have been more exciting than the year before and the teams have shown more potential than anyone expected. The teacher team has surprised all who have watched them play by not having their intimidating, undefeated record. The first game of the season proved this by their loss to the orange team with a last-second shot by Jordan Eggermont. Since their first loss, the teachers have been working hard to prove their dominance. Finally, they got their chance to prove themselves, winning against the Gray team with a score of 101-82. This intramural season has been exciting and surprising. Comparing Ricky Paulson’s premature rankings of the season to the current rankings, the teams have proven Intramurals are more surprising than thought. Paulson’s Previous Rankings:
1. Teachers 2. Red 3. Gray 4. Black 5. Blue 6. Green 7. White 8. Purple (Orange)
Current Rankings:
1. Gray - 5 wins 2. Teachers - 4 wins 3. Green - 4 wins 4. White - 4 wins 5. Orange - 3 wins 6. Red - 3 wins 7. Blue - 1 win 8. Black - 0 wins
Above: Spencer Myer (back) and Tayler Lentz wait for the ball to drop. (Photo by Destiny Winkler)
April 26, 2013
NFL, A Perfect League
by Ricky Paulson The NFL is a perfect league unlike the former American pastime. The NFL accepted the fact football is not a sport; it is entertainment, and a television show. I am going to start out with explaining how the NFL keeps uswatching all year. Training camps begin in August, and, of course, there is always drama surrounding the big market teams. So you have to tune in to training camps. Next the preseaon starts, and who doesn’t want to watch starters playing the first quarter to then have their incapable backups come in for the rest of the game, but you still watch all four. Then, obviously, you have to watch all 16 weeks of the regular season September to January. The playoffs carry on all throughout January; keep in mind fans are also tuning draft hype during the playoffs. After the playoffs are done there is two weeks of hype leading up to the biggest stage in all of sports, the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl gets played with 70 million people watching to see the NFL’s finest. After the Super Bowl there is another two weeks of talking about the Super Bowl, but the NFL still keeps you hooked. You still have to watch the NFL scouting combine. Do not get too exited for the draft because you will miss free agency. Free agency starts in March, and, of course, you have to watch free agency coverage to see where all the big names go. After that the NFL draft is only a month away and who wouldn’t read every mock draft out there? Next is the draft, the moment that all fans, of bad teams, wait for. After the draft you have to read drafting grades for the next two weeks, and just when you thought you could take your eyes away from football, OTAs start and the NFL season starts all over again. Now exuse me I have to go watch NFL Network.
Timberwolves Off-Season Possibilities
by Ricky Paulson e elephant in the room is literal, and metaphorical; Nikola Pekovic is a beast in the paint at 6’11, 290 lbs. He must be signed if the Wolves plan on keeping their fan base. If the Wolves do not sign him it will be like the Al Je erson asco all over again; instead the Wolves won’t get anything if he leaves. e bright side of the Pekovic situation is that he is an unrestricted free agent, so the Wolves can match any o er, or conduct a sign and trade. So I took the liberty to draw up some possible sign and trades. I assumed that Pekovic will get something in the ball park of ve years 50 million. e rst one is a player that the Wolves have been trying to get for a long time. When he was playing for Golden State the Wolves o ered Nikola Pekovic, and Derrick Williams for Monta Ellis. Yes, I think Monta Ellis is a possible sign and trade. Ellis would give them an interesting dynamic at the two guard. Wolves play-by-play announcer Jim Peterson says that the reason the Wolves are not a championship contender is because they do not have someone who can cut to the basket, and score consistently. Another trade possibility is a trade with the Kings. Most likely the money will not work, but if the Kings throw in more higher paid one year contracts, the money might work. e Kings have been looking at trading DeMarcus Cousins all season due to his sel sh nature. If the Kings want to go into a new town with a star Pekovic would be a type of player that the Kings/Supersonics would like. Tyreke Evens could also be substituted for Cousins. e next trade is the least likely to happen. e Nuggets will most likely not want to break up the nucleus they have right now because they are in a position to go deep in the playo s this year, but if they did want to the Wolves could look to sign and trade Pekovic for Andre Iguodala. Iguodala would be able to guard the taller shooting guards that Luke Ridnour has not been able to guard in the past two years. One problem with this trade is that Iguodala makes over 13 million a year, and Pekovic will most likely end up with 10 million a year, so Wolves might have to throw in a guy like Malcom Lee. ese are some scenarios for the Wolves o season. Hopefully the Wolves front o ce will bite back any temptations to do anything incredibly stupid like David Kahn has done in past years.
by Ricky Paulson In January 2014 Taylor Storhoff will compete in the Western Nationals for speech demonstrations individually, or quiz bowl as a team. The Western Nationals consists of Speech Demonstrations, Quiz Bowl (similar to Family Feud), Hipplology and horse judging. All the competitions are horse related. Storhoff qualified for nationals at state in Fargo, ND, at the NDSU Horse Park where she placed first in quiz bowl as a team, and first idividually, first in speech demonstration, 3rd in hippology with the team being runnerup and 5th personally in horse judging. And if that is not enough, Storhoff also placed second in oral reasons. This portion of horse judging is the presentation of how the one judging preceived the class of horses. Next year Storhoff is going to attend University of Minnesota-Crookston, double majoring in animal and equine science. She hopes to be a vetranarian. She said that these 4-H experiences will give her an advantage over most freshman in her major. Best of luck at Nationals, Taylor!
Storhoff Goes to Western Nationals
Owners Bob and Joni Bergan of Valley City
Good Luck To All Hi-Liners!
April 26, 2013
DECA Goes to Nationals
submitted by Scott Hurlimann The Valley City DECA chapter recently competed in Bismarck at the State DECA Conference. Fifteen local students competed in the event. Devon Liljenquist and Jarod Nelson took 1st place in the Buying & Merchandising event. Kyle Knutson and Austin Svenningsen took 2nd place in the Sports Promotion Plan event. Jared Lentz took 4th place in the Principles of Finance event. Mason Denholm, Cassidy Wendler, and Jarod Nelson achieved the Gold Level award for the Chapter Awards and the School Store Certification. Valley City High School was the only chapter in North Dakota to receive this award this year. The aforementioned students now have the chance to compete along side 13,000 other DECA members at the International DECA Conference the last week of April in Anaheim, California. The DECA members will be departing on Tuesday, April 23, and will return April 29.
Left: Austin Svenningsen and Kyle Knutson. Above left: Mason Denholm, Cassidy Wendler, and Jarod Nelson. Above center: Devon Liljenquist and Jarod Nelson. Above right: Jared Lentz. (Photos submitted by Scott Hurlimann)
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The VCHS Boys' Golf team heads to the EDC tournament today in Fargo.
The Hi-Liner softball team is hosting a brat feed at Valley Meat Supply Tuesday, May 26, to raise...
The Hi-Liner girls lost to Bismarck Century, 1-4, but defeated Williston 3-2 at the state...


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