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March 27, 2013

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March 28, 2013
A Valley City High School Publication - Valley City, North Dakota, 58072
Hee Haw Hayride photo essay, pages 10 & 11 VCPS faculty receives honors, pages 13 & 20 The Arts take center stage, pages 14, 15 & 16 VCHS Theater gets facelift, pages 12
T o Bridges advertisers, The Bridges Staff will be sending out information about advertising costs for next year in the very near future. Look for new contracts and reduced charges.
Big changes necessary for The Bridges
by Carol Foth, The Bridges instructor/advisor In my journalism class I use an old journalism standby: Rink’s Rules for Writing. There are 13 rules, the last of which states, “Break any rule to improve a story.” In this article I am going to obliterate a couple of them. First, if this is a news article, I should simply be giving the facts, not showing emotion, or certainly not be giving an opinion. Second, I should never use personal pronouns. Never would I say I, or address the reader as you. However, under the circumstances, The Bridges staff and I want you, the reader, to know that the situation we have faced and have resolved touches us deeply and it will affect how we run our paper. It will affect how you receive and read the school newspaper. Over the past many years I have lost track of the notes, letters, comments in passing, or emails Students and I have received, telling how much ‘they’ enjoy the school newspaper. My first joy is working with the talented journalism students; the second is knowing that our journalistic work here is being enjoyed and appreciated in the school and community. Here is where I abide by one of the Rink Rules. “Don’t raise questions you don’t answer.” So here goes. During the course of the first semester, it was becoming increasingly apparent the cost of printing
Br idges
Volume 77, Issue 7
Above: Early spring cleaning. The Bridges staff hauled out old school newspapers, enjoyed looking back and then tossed them out. L-R: Hope Swart, Taylor Keys, Saidee Oberlander, Gabby Cummings, Jessica Gylden, and Destiny Winkler. Front: Ricky Paulson. Not pictured: Tonya VanDyke. (Photo by Carol Foth)
the school newspaper was beyond our reach. In the past three years, the cost of printing has risen $900/ year. Simply put, the $2,700 three year total ate up our reserve from advertising and the income from current advertising as well. We are looking at running in the red before the year is up. The Bridges is run on income from ad space the students sell to businesses. With the increases we have seen, two-thirds of our newspaper would need to be ads, or hit our advertisers hard. With the school newspaper being run like a business, it is obvious times and our situation has changed. After a meeting with Superintendent Dean Koppelman and Brenda
Stearns, assistant business manager, and consulting with Bryan Kriewald, Technology Cooridnator, it was decided that beginning next fall, school year 2013-14, The Bridges will be put online via the listserve. The listserve for the school system currently has one thousand email addresses on the list. In addition to the school newspaper being distributed electronically, 250 copies will be printed on the color copy machine in school for distribution to the school students, grades 9-12. Making this change will cost approximately $900 per year, in comparison to $7,000 to have The Bridges printed and inserted into the Times Record.
Sadly this decision means parting ways with the TR. It has been our pleasure to have shared this link with our local newspaper. The staff has been wonderful and specifically I want to thank Tina Olson of the TR. She has helped make changes over the years so much easier for us. She needs to know she should have a star named after her because she is one. With all that being said, we want you to continue reading The Bridges. If you would like to get the electronic version of the school paper emailed to you, please contact Bryan Kriewald at bryan.kreiwald@ and have him add your email address to the list serve.
See your student newspaper,
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in full color.
From Hopeless to Hope
by Hope Swart You always text in a secret code. Because of your boss, you’re hardly at home. Because he always has you on the road. The couch will always be your throne, Always eating your very own ice cream cone. You’re the sweetest father across the sea. You may be upset and you start to groan, ‘Cause you were not there for the birth of me. You’re the dad everyone wants to be. You may pick on all of your children. We will forever let you be guilt free. Your love for all of us will never end. You may not always be home that is true, But no matter what I will always love you. I wrote this for my dad as an assignment in English. The assignment was to write a poem to someone you love. I picked my dad because even though he has not always been there, he is still my dad. We get along so well because we have the same frame of mind when it comes to household projects. When we start a project we always want to finish it right away. If someone else comes to help us and they do something wrong, we usually get frustrated. We tend to yell if something goes wrong as well. Sometimes we can get the project done in one shot and it turns out just how we
March 28, 2013
want it. Some people may say that just because my dad is not my biological father that he is not a true father. That is wrong. He has been there for me more than anyone else has been. I can tell him everything and not worry about getting in trouble. He helps me solve problems in my life and has helped me grow into the person I am today. Even though I have only known him for seven years, I feel like he has always been here. This year I am sad to say that I will not be living at home for Father’s Day. That does not mean that I will not spend the day with him, I hope. I know he loves his job, but sometimes it is nice to have him home. So this year I am celebrating my dad’s Father’s Day this month. Just because Father’s Day ends up in the summer does not mean that anyone has to wait until then to tell his/her dad how much you appreciate him. There are some people who have lost their dad. Whether it is because of a divorce, or because he has become a memory some people do not have a dad to celebrate with. So never take your dad for granted. He may seem like he will always be
there, but life changes everyday. So here is to you, Dad. Happy early Father’s Day. I will forever love you.
The Bridges
460 Central Avenue North Valley City, North Dakota 58072 email:
Bridges Editorial
March is the month of luck... For the Irish, anyway. The world seems to be fascinated with luck. Otherwise, why would anyone bother to carry around a rabbit’s foot? Or throw salt over their shoulder? Everyone wants to be called, “Lucky.” Some things in life can only be described as luck: Good looks, winning the lottery-- to name a couple. Other things in life are labeled as luck, but are really products of hard work. Examples of this would be: doing well in a sport, excelling in school, and getting a promotion. There is a difference between being “lucky” and being a “hard worker.” Often, it seems people leave their fate up to the universe to decide. They let the chips fall where they may, instead of taking a proactive role in their lives. Celebrities, more often than not, ruthlessly work their way to the top. Some are born into it, but the rest climb their way to the top. The world is full of examples of people who took life by the horns. They rode the bull through the worst of the ride, and came out champions. So often, it seems the world is waiting for life to happen, instead of making life happen. Too often they wait for the rainbow instead of dancing in the rain. The challenge boils down to instead of hoping for luck, making it happen. There is a myth that being positive makes more positive things happen in life. Maybe learning to enjoy the little things in life makes everything seem better. The Irish might be the lucky ones, but hard work is more reliable than luck.
Editor-in-Chief: Hope Swart* News Editor: Jessica Gylden* Monthly Feature & Opinion Editor: Hope Swart Feature Editor: Destiny Winkler* Special Feature Editor: Destiny Winkler* Arts & Entertainment Editors: Saidee Oberlander Cartoonists: Hope Swart, Taylor Keys, Taylor Storhoff (guest artist) & Iain Horner (guest artist) Sports Editors: Ricky Paulson Advisor: Carol Foth Staff: Gabby Cummings, Taylor Keys, Saidee Oberlander, Ricky Paulson, Tonya VanDyke, Jessica Gylden*, Hope Swart*, Destiny Winkler* *Denotes Advanced Journalism staff The Bridges is published monthly during the school year by VCHS journalism students at 460 Central Avenue N, Valley City, ND 58072. The opinions expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the student body, the faculty, administration or the school board. The Bridges will accept advertisements if they are not considered libelous, obscene or do not promote the use or sale of illegal goods or services.
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Letters to the editor are encouraged, but the Bridges staff reserves the right to edit letters for length and content. Please refer such correspondance to the address or email address above.
Letters to the Editor
I Was Just Pondering: Unfinished Business
by Destiny Winkler I have some of it in my fridge right now. That plate of spaghetti that I started and have not had time to finish. Or the mountain of English assignments and scholarships that fall under the same category-- unfinished business. Even if I miraculously finished all of it, there would still be more unfinished business in my life. For instance, earlier this month I had a dream about a friend who moved away earlier this year. The surprising part of the dream was this- I did not realize I still missed my friend so much. Which made me realize, there is unfinished business everywhere. I believe unfinished business is like that proverbial ball and chain. It slows us down, and keeps us from getting where we want to go. Either that, or this open-ended business is like a boomerang; it just swings back to hit us in the face. Movies are built on the idea of uncompleted stories. For instance, The Vow rings out as a clear example. The whole story is based on a love story of a couple where one girl loses her memory and does not remember her husband. Wow, talk about unfinished business, right? Such dramatic events can turn a life upside down. Relationships, unfortunately, are a classic catalyst for bad endings. Just listen to Adele. “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you” is not a lyric about a happy ending. Every artist has a song about an end that left a scar. Any part of a life that ends unsatisfactorily leaves us feeling, well, unfinished. These “holes” in our stories demand to be filled... Somehow. Where can one find peace of mind to overcome these gaps? Honestly, I feel like this topic is different for everyone. Some people I know keep trying to fix the past, even after it becomes evident that it is better to let it lie... Sometimes all the pegs are square in life’s round holes. Many people cope with the regret by writing a song, or poem, or just finding a hobby. Some people just need to vent it out. One thing is certain. The emotion needs to get out. Personally, I keep a journal. I know that sounds so pubescent girl, but it really is helpful. Instead of having my thoughts flying through my head like a hurricane, forcing them into sentences and a train of thought puts some sense in them. Often I find peace in pausing to put it on paper. This works for me, but I know this does not work for everyone. Life is full of moments and times that can never be returned to. The dilemma is deciding if they are going to hold us back, or
March 28, 2013
help us move on. I may not ever see my friend again, but I am so thankful for the time I had with her. I know that if I ever see her again, I will not be thinking of the time we spent apart, I will be thinking of the time we had together.
Thoughts of a Smart - Dumb Blonde
by Jessica Gylden If my life were a musical it would be an obnoxious mash-up of many different musicals, which would undoubtedly be perceived as bipolar. One minute, you would be seeing a feature presentation of Singing in the Rain, and the next? You’d find yourself in the scene in The Lion King where Mufasa dies. The aforementioned scenes do not mean that one moment I, in a wintery North Dakota, find myself thrilled to be standing in the pouring rain only to find my dad dead a block down. It is simply a metaphor for the ups and downs of life, and that, while one moment everything may be perfect, the next it may all vanish. In no way does this comparison mean that I dislike the life I lead; it is simply means that neither you, nor I, will ever like every aspect of our lives. Luckily for us, though, even if our lives are comparable to the most sad, most infuriating scene in a musical, almost always they have happy endings, unless you are the bad guy. Then shame on are plum out of luck, and your ending will not be happy. I have found, thus far, that my life could be likened to that of most comedies. One such comedy being Legally Blonde. Aside from the fact I have no intention of going to Harvard, becoming a lawyer, or carrying my pampered pooch around in an oversized purse, we still share some common ground. However, besides the obvious similarity in the color of my and the fictitious Elle Woods’ flowing, blonde hair, we are both smart. Our intelligence is only evident when we choose to apply ourselves. Another theme to my existence can be found in Tangled. I realize this is only known as a movie, but said movie contains a tremendous amount of singing and acting. Therefore, I shall call it a musical, and you will not openly disagree with me. Now, in the afore mentioned musical, I am most like Flynn Rider. Yes, he is a guy. And, yes, he is a thief. Please promptly take that knowledge and brutally shove it as far out of your mind as is physically possible as it does not pertain, in any way, to the point I am about to make. The point is that I, like Flynn, do not have the ability to see the result of my actions, even if they are spelled out in front of me. Neither of us can see how good something is until it is gone. So you see, while making some musical comparisons may seem like a poor idea, if you stop and think about it just for a moment, you will realize that somehow it all turns out. Elle finds success, Flynn straightens out his life and realizes he has something good before its gone, and I, well, I’m just waiting for my happy ending.
Monthly Feature
March 28, 2013
by Destiny Winkler & Hope Swart It is the feeling of a warm blanket, or the feelings we get when we feel safe and warm- comfort. Humans are not the only ones who crave comfort; pets often have a favorite toy; or pillow. However, it seems that we need a little more comfort than we get. Where does comfort come from? For everyone, the answer seems different. Some of the stranger habits are rooted in childhood memories, while other people develop subtle habits that make them feel at home. Comfort foods, however, are more universal. Everyone has the “got-to-have-it-dang-thisis-so-good” foods. No matter if it is devoured miles from home, one bite is all it takes to instantly be transported back home. Life is always changing. As life becomes more turbulent, it becomes crucial to take the time to add simple comforts into the everyday. Those special objects that trigger those memories make everything better. Everyone has that “happy place” object. Other ways to get the same feeling are putting on pajama pants, or walking around in a blanket. If the superhero in a blanket look does not do it, there are other ways to forget the world: reading a book, watching a movie, or jamming out to a great song. Believe it or not, as humans
Life in HopeDestiny
Mocha Chocolate Chip Muffins by Taylor Keys Ingredients: 1/4 cup skim milk 1 teaspoon safflower oil 1 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/4 cup egg substitute, or 1 egg 1 tablespoon instant coffee, dissolved in 1 T. water 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa 1 1/2 cups flour 3/4 cup sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips Directions: Heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray muffin cups with cooking spray. In medium bowl combine milk, oil, applesauce, egg & coffee mixture. Combine remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Add the wet ingredients to dry mixture & mix until combined. Fill muffin tins 1/2-3/4 full. Bake 30-40 minutes, until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.
Caricatures by JoLynn Gregoryk
we cannot have lives that are different each day. Otherwise, all the inconsistency would drive us crazy. Similarly, everyone needs “me” time. For many people, this consists of playing a video game, or just taking a moment to take a breather during those busy days. Some like to take a bath, or take a nap-- whatever it takes to find piece of mind. Life is crazy, and it seems to swirl around in a crazy blur. To keep things from spiralling out of control, people use comfort to get them through it. Comfort can come from a hug, or it can come from taking time to slow things down. Learning to take the time to clear the mind and take some time to remember those amazing memories can be the difference from feeling stressed and feeling at home.
Adding some Hope to YOUR Destiny!
Fried PB and Banana Sandwich by Taylor Keys Ingredients: cooking spray 2 tablespoons peanut butter 2 slices whole wheat bread 1 banana, sliced Directions: Heat a skillet or griddle over medium heat, and coat with cooking spray. Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter onto one side of each slice of bread. Place banana slices onto the peanut buttered side of one slice, top with the other slice and press together firmly. Fry the sandwich until golden brown on each side, about 2 minutes per side.
Monthly Feature
March 28, 2013
What are the ODDS?!!!
Take a Look at this BOOK!
by Hope Swart “We will show them who’s boss.” “They need to be taught a lesson.” “We will kill them all.” Jennifer Sales kept hearing these voices coming from her stuffed animals and the posters on her wall. She is so afraid of them. She calls them demons. Everyone thinks she is crazy and people bully her. One time when she was being bullied, Sam Hopkins was there. The people bullying her were Sam’s “friends”. He got mad at them and punched the leader in the face. Jennifer ran away, and Sam was left for dead; a farmer found him. Sam went home and Jennifer was talking about the demons to him. Jennifer was so scared of them that her mom sent her to a hospital to get checked out. Jennifer called it the demon castle. Sam breaks in to figure out the demon plan so he can save people. Want to find out more? Head on over to the Barnes County Public Library and check Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan out.
by Tonya Van Dyke People always tell their best fishing stories. The stories range from, “Man, you will never believe this!” or “I caught so many fish today; the fish were really biting!” The best stories are “Oh, the fish was this big” the more times the story is told the longer the fish gets. People will always have that one fish story they will never forget. No, this month’s “What are the Odds” is not another Jonah getting swallowed by a great fish story, but rather a little more... “Guess how big this fish was?!” type of story. Valley City High School junior Josiah Crump was ice fishing at the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota with his dad, uncle, and some of their buddies when he caught a fish more than half his size! Yes, that is right, more than half his size! The fish was 32 inches long while Crump is 60 inches tall. Some may say that is only two inches more than half his size, but honestly that is a pretty big fish. ‘What are the Odds!?’
These animals are currently available for adoption:
Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals
Thank You for caring!
$.25 for 4x6 PRINT $1.29 for 5x7 PRINT USING THE SONY STATION
323 N Central Ave. Valley City, ND 58072 Mon-Sat 9 am- 5:30 pm
Dr. Doreen M. Sayler, RPh Dr. Natalie A. Sayler, RPh Dr. Mandy M.Binstock, RPh
To adopt a pet, or for more information, go to
Harley D Bones
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on the Donate button. Your dollars support needy animals in many different ways. The SVFA also needs volunteers, foster homes and miscellaneous supplies for animals.
To donate to the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals go to and click
Monthly Feature/The Funnies
P athetic Horrorsby Taylor Storhoff
March 28, 2013
Random Misfortunes
byT aylor Keys
.....And so it ends
by Iain Horner
Wonderful world of Love by Hope Swart
TThe average temperatures for Valley City North Dakota in March are a high of 37 degrees and a low of 17 degrees. March 2013 is average even though it has not been popular!
For REAL!!!!!
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION PO BOX 508 * VALLEY CITY, ND 58072 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 701-845-0072 CRISIS CENTER: 701-845-0078 (collect calls accepted) * Physical * Intimidation * Psychological & Emotional * Economic * Destruction of Property or Pets * Isolation * Threats * Sexual
March 28, 2013
by Jessica Gylden America has produced many famous playwrights since its founding. While most have not surpassed the undying fame held by playwrights like William Shakespeare, there are some that hold the hearts and attention of modern society. One such playwright is Jonathan Larson, who is most famous for writing the gripping rock operas, Rent, and tick, tick... BOOM!. Larson received three Tony Awards as well as a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and many other high ranking awards for the production of Rent. However, Larson was never able to attend a performance of Rent that we have come to know today, as he passed away on January 25, 1996, a few days before the off-Broadway premier. What would prompt someone to write a play such as Rent though? Much of the musical was actually based on his own life experiences. Larson was born on February 4, 1960, in White Plains, New York. He attended Adelphi University. Larson suffered from some grave mental, social, and physical issues ranging from addiction to homophobia, as well as an undiagnosed case of Marfan syndromewhich is believed to have had a hand in his death. His social issues widely contributed to the topics of his plays. Early on Larson was an average student who was aquainted with theatre, band, and choir. This exposure at a young age led Larson to develop a passion for musical theatre. His pieces were undoubtedly influenced by the numerous rock musicians Larson enjoyed listening to: Elton John, The Beatles, and The Who-just to name a few.
Born in the USA was the brain-child of last year's journalism staff. It features people who were born in the USA, and were innovators in their fields.
His love for the arts later led Larson to attend Adelphi University with a four-year scholarship in acting academics. It was here that Larson began to cultivate his talent as a playwright. He began composing musical numbers for cabarets, or small student productions. Larson graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. After graduating, he moved to the “Big Apple”, New York City, with hopes of making a Broadway production. He lived in Lower Manhattan with numerous roommates along with his two feline friends, Finster and Lucy. For 10 years, he wrote his musicals and held auditions in his apartment, while he worked at the Moondance Diner to support himself. This job only allowed Larson and his roommate to live in passable conditions. Did fate bring him to work at the diner though? Jesse L. Martin was being trained by Larson in the art of being a waiter at the Moondance Diner when they met. Martin played the part of Tom Collins in the original performance of Rent. Some of his earlier works, or those he wrote before his big Broadway hit, Rent, consisted of Sacrimmoralinority, Saved! - An Immoral Musical on the Moral Majority, Superbia, and tick, tick... BOOM!. Larson wrote these musicals, and they were performed between 1981 and 1991. In 1991, Larson began composing his most memorable work, Rent.While juggling all this, Larson also managed to compose music for Sesame Street, Land Before Time, and many other productions. The untimely death of Jon Larson came weeks before the opening of Rent. It was believed that Marfan Syndrome was the cause of his aortic dissection. Early on January 25, 1996, Larson passed away after having suffered from chest pain and nausea for days before his death. Larson obviously has made a very large contribution to musical society, and his life was celebrated by the cast of Rent when, after he had passed away mere weeks before opening night, the cast performed the show in its entirety. The performance was met by applause and an audience member who thanked Jonathan Larson. This stellar artist will forever be remembered through the Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation, which his parents founded to support others’ dreams.
e h T In
by Saidee Oberlander In the past few months, some VCHS students have been competing in Hippology and have been doing very well. Contrary to popular belief, Hippology is not the study of hippos, but the study of horses. The Barnes County Hippology Team is now turning its eyes towards the state Taylor Storhoff (Photo by meet April 12-13 and possibly Saidee Oberlander) on to nationals. Hippology is an activity in which competitors judge many aspects of horses. Students meet on Tuesdays and study pre-college books, posters, and tests to help them prepare for their meets. At meets, competitors complete a 50 question test in half an hour, five stations with ten questions, a team problem, and two live horse stations. The team has competed in five meets this year and placed at four of them. They placed 1st at Oakes, 1st at Lisbon, 2nd at Little I, and 3rd at the Winter Show. Members of the team have also done well, especially senior Taylor Storhoff. Storhoff has placed first three times at their meets. Mickaella Langer also has placed first at a meet and Breanna McDonald has placed second. The team is looking forward to their state meet and are hoping to do well, because a win at state will get them a trip to the National Hippology meet.
Tammy Heck Brenda Olson Tues-Fri: 9-5 and evenings by appt.
342 East Main St. Valley City, ND 58072 (701) 845-5922
Classic Cuts
Leevers Supporting High School Academics for over 20 years
March 28, 2013
Next to be Removed from Dictionaries: "Class"
boob.” For starters, it is appalling that the term “side boob” even needed to be invented, but even worse that someone believes it can be “rocked.” There is a fine line between stylish and elegant, and now-a-days elegant does not seem applicable. Merriam Webster describes classy as follows: “stylish and sophisticated.” However, it seems unlikely that anyone would be tempted to describe Lady Gaga, or Nicki Minaj as “classy.” The infamous Lady Gaga meat dress, on so many levels, is the opposite of classy. No where in the definition of classy do fishnets and beef slices show style, or sophistication. Then there is Nicki Minaj. Possibly the queen of over-the-top fashion, her styles are renowned for their lack of sophistication and decency. Her quest to become the “human Barbie doll” has actually yielded a Barbie Doll made in her honor. All of this flamboyancy might send mixed messages to young girls, who might think people actually dress in Minaj fashion. Katy Perry, however, is a different story. Her fairy tale inspired outfits get right up to the line of indecency. Her dress at the Grammys this year was tight and skin showing in all the wrong places-- for decency sake. Stepping away from the world of fashion, there is also a shortage in classy personalities. For instance, take Justin Bieber’s latest exploit in the hospital. His surprising lack of hospital gown was not the fault of the hospital. It seems that the Bieber magic is fading fast-- leaving a typical man child. Another example would be Charlie Sheen and his infamous rampages. Where is the class in being a big baby? Class is slowly dying off, like the majestic Koala bear. VCHS, do not let class become extinct!
by Destiny Winkler A phenomenon is sweeping Hollywood and the world, and is taking the word classy and shoving it to Mars. It is a fact that classy is being exterminated, and it is only a matter of time before tasteful turns into tasteless. Unlike UFO sightings, the shortage of sophistication is real. For instance, take a look at the lack of clothing at awards shows. If undergarments are visible, then the “dress” is not a dress. Recently, at the Oscars, a commentator said that Anne Hathaway was “rocking the side
Left: Justin Bieber holds a snake. Above: Nicki Minaj sports her everyday style.
Open Year 'Round
Left: Lady Gaga in her meat dress. Above: Katy Perry in one of her more decent outfits.
909 N Central Ave. Valley City, ND 58072 845-2622
148 S CENTRA L AVENUE 845-2264
Special Feature
10 & 11
March 27, 2013
Citizens Doze N' Dance
In The Midst of A Feud in Lonesome Polecat...
Love Prevails Competing Companies Collide
March 28, 2013
by Saidee Oberlander e VCHS Speech Team is still going strong. e team has placed at every meet they have attended. On March 2, the team huddled into the bus for Grand Forks Central and picked up members of the Davies Speech team on the way. Some Hi-Liners also brought some new names along with their given names. As a joke towards Grand Forks speech coach Yvonne Kalka, some members of the team added “Kalka” to the ends of their names. Here are the results (minus the Kalkas to avoid confusion). Humorous Duo Destiny Winkler/Jessica Gylden - 2nd Persuade Beth Berntson - 1st Entertain
Hi-Liner Speech Going Strong
Carl Vinje - 7th Inform Beth Berntson - 2nd EPR Jessica Gylden - 3rd Beth Berntson - 4th Humorous Joseph Munowenyu - 5th Serious Duo Aislinn Fogarty/Tia Wagar - 1st Bryce Jensen/Joseph Munowenyu -3rd Cacie Lloyd/Maddie Bennet - 8th Radio Tanner Clark - 7th Jacob Berntson - 8th e teams next meet was at Fargo Davies and featured only EDC teams in preparation for the EDC tournament. e Hi-Liners placed second in the meet. Dramatic Cacie Lloyd - 8th Humorous Duo Tia Wagar/Saidee Oberlander 1st Mikey Meester/Jacob Berntson 2nd Sarah Montecuollo/Rebecca Montecuollo - 5th Courtney Lloyd/Cacie Lloyd 6th Erik Johnson/Hunter Olstad 7th Persuade Beth Berntson - 1st EPR Beth Berntson - 3rd Radio Aislinn Fogarty - 6th Dempsey Williams - 7th Serious Duo Bryce Jensen/Joseph Munowenyu - 1st Mikaylah Ross/Amanda Bjork 4th Aislinn Fogarty/Tia Wagar - 5th Inform Beth Berntson - 2nd Serious Prose Tanner Clark - 4th Storytelling Mikaylah Ross - 6th Humorous Erik Johnson - 2nd Joseph Munowenyu - 3rd Adam Hart - 4th Entertain Dempsey Williams - 3rd Carl Vinje - 4th
Most recent speech update from the Fargo North Meet:
Team Sweepstakes Valley City - 5th EPR Jessica Gylden - 1st Serious Duo Bryce Jensen/Joseph Munowenyu - 1st Mikaylah Ross/Jessica Gylden 3rd Aislinn Fogarty/Tia Wagar - 4th Humorous Adam Hart - 3rd Maddie Bennet - 8th Inform Beth Berntson - 3rd Humorous Duo Aislinn Fogarty/Dempsey Williams - 7th Jessica Gylden/Destiny Winkler - 8th Persuade Beth Berntson - 3rd
March 27, 2013
Phi Beta Mu inducts Kjelland VCHS Baby Boom!
Little future Hi-Liners are popping up in VCHS! Last month, the Bridges featured Lane Nelson. This month Principal Dan Larson's daughter is featured.
by Gabby Cummings On March 23, Mr. Tom Kjelland, the Valley City High School Band Director, was inducted into the international fraternity of bandmasters, Phi Beta Mu - International School Bandmaster Fraternity - Alpha Gamma Chapter. He was instated during the annual state meeting at North Dakota Music Educators Conference in Bismarck. Phi Beta Mu (est. 1938) is an honorary, non-political nonprofit fraternity. Band directors from throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries are included in the membership. These directors conduct bands ranging from beginner students to college students. The mission of Phi Beta Mu is to promote fellowship among its members, encourage the builders of better bands, and the development of better musicians in schools. They also want to foster a deeper appreciation for quality wind literature and encourage widespread interest in band performance. To achieve this honor, a band director must be in good standing in state music associations, in their school district, in their community and have been a band director for at least five years. The prospective inductee has had to been sponsored by a Phi Beta Mu member and co-sponsored by two additional members. These members must attest to the musical competence, moral standards, successful band program at his/her school and dedication to the students he/she works with as well as support of band music in the state of ND.The process after sponsorship takes approximately one year so all inclusive in depth research can be done on the prospect. There are 35 members of Phi Beta Mu in North Dakota, of which 12 are retired, leaving 23 active members in the state. It is a select group and a prestigious honor to be inducted as a member and recognized by one's peers in the music education field. It also speaks very well for the students at Valley City High School who are so willing to learn and excel in the band program. Kjelland says that as the team researched his background and the history of the band at VCHS, we all realizde that it is the students that truly make the program successful.
by Destiny Winkler Nora Marie Larson was born to Dan Larson and his wife, Shari Larson, on February 16, 2013. She weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces, and was 20 inches long. She is joining brother Talon, who is a first grader. She was not intentionally named after a family member, but upon looking back at the family tree, there was a Nora found. Congratulations to the Larson family!
What's Cookin'?!
by Hope Swart Mm, mm, mm. What is that delicious smell? Where is it coming from? It is coming from Beth Beckers’ foods class. Beckers has had her Foods I and II classes pick a recipe that fits the criteria of the new school lunch rules. Each group will have spent the first four periods on a given day down in the cafeteria with the cooks helping them prepare the meals that the were chosen. There are six groups out of the two senior high foods classes. Each group picked a different meal plan for one lunch cooked. On March 6 the first group cooked their meal, including lasagna with garlic medallions. It contains healthy noodles, meat, and cheese. Garlic medallions are sides, made of garlic and bread with other spices. The second group, March 8 made Chic’ Penne, which is chicken cut up and cooked with whole-wheat penne pasta. The third group served Crunchy Hawaiian chicken wrap on March 13. It was a breadless chicken breast with a tangy sauce, broccoli and other vegetables on a wheat tortilla. The fourth group cooked on March 15 and made honey lemon chicken with egg noodles, a tangy chicken that is very healthy. On March 22 the fifth group made chicken curry casserole. It is a spicier food, but tends to be a hit in most homes. The finale group goes on March 28. They will be making Tuscan soup. The foods classes took the time to pick out recipes that they thought people would like, so if there was a meal you particularly liked, let the cafeteria cooks know.
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Arts and Entertainment
Hi-Liners Attend, Perform at All-State Festival
by Saidee Oberlander Throughout March 21-23, the halls and rooms of the Bismarck Civic Center were filled with beautiful notes from some of the best high school musicians from the state of North Dakota. The All-State Music Festival was held in Bismarck this past weekend and included over 600 students who were selected from over 2000 auditioners. Four vocalists from VCHS were selected in to this prestigious group. Rachael Schauer, Saidee Oberlander, Sarah Schauer, and Camille Kawasaki all attended the event and absorbed all that it had to offer. Rachael Schauer and Oberlander were both selected to the Mixed Choir conducted by North Dakota native Dr. Lee Nelson. Nelson is originally from Lakota, ND, and participated in the North Dakota All-State event in 1991. He currently teaches at Wartburg College in Iowa. Nelson returned to North Dakota to conduct the choir since the last time he attempted to do this two years ago, a blizzard canceled the performances. This time the weather held. The choir song list was a reaction to the Newtown tragedy and showed the light that can always come at the end of a dark struggle. Sarah Schauer and Kawasaki were members of the Women’s Choir under the direction of Dr. Christopher Aspaas, conductor at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. The girls performed a variety of music, but one highlight of the choir’s performance was Sarah Schauer’s feature solo in the song El Vito. This was a great honor and both Schauers were very excited for after their Sarah. Students were also treated to performances from some of the best ensembles in the state 80+ Fields/Programs including choirs, bands, a chilof Study in: dren’s group and a steel-drum w Business band. Attendees were also given w Information Technology the opportunity to experience all w Communication Arts of the wisdom their conductors w Social Science had to offer. Overall, the students w Education participating gained a great deal w Fine Arts of knowledge about how music w Mathematics can change lives. Congratulaw Science tions girls on your achievement. w Health
March 28, 2013
Right to left: Saidee Oberlander, Camille Kawasaki, Sarah Schauer, and Rachael Schauer smile All-State Performances. (Photo submitted by Sheila Zinke)
er Cent 13! e c y 20 Scien New g Januar in open
Dif ference Is Me
Recognized by U.S.News as the #1 Public Regional College in the Midwest for 2013!
w Physical Education
16 Arts & Entertainment
March 28, 2013 by Jessica Gylden Which annual event, put on by the VCHS Jr. High, features musical entertainment, delicious food, and artistic masterpieces? A combination of the Jr. High Choir and Band Concert, Spaghetti Supper, and Jr. High Art Show! This massive undertaking occurred on March 12, at 5:30 when the 7th and 8th graders and their parents arrived to serve spaghetti and clean up after the attendees. This year, they had a good turnout, which was organized and carried out by Stacey Ingstad and a large group of 7th & 8th grade choir parents. They organization fed 325 people is down from last year, but the junior high classes are also smaller than in the past. Business donations more than made up for the difference, however. After the supper, Sheila Zinke, VCHS Choir director had this to say about the event: “I was really pleased with the camaraderie that it developed between the choir studetnts and VCHS Music Boosters. A big thank you to everyone involved.” Everyone, except Grumpy Cat (right) was very plesed with the event. Congratulations to the jr. high students and parents for serving a wonderful meal, and to the art, choir, and band students for their phenomenal performances!
(Far Right) Students Kayla Englehard and Andrew King observe art (Upper Right) Grumpy Cat is not pleased (Lower Right) 8th Grade choir students sing their little hearts out (Below) Jade Oskendal and Emilee Fisher have fun working at the Spaghetti Supper. (Photos by Jessica Gylden & Gabby Cummings)
Jr. High Students Serve, Sing, Play, Create
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VCHS Theater improvements continue
by Saidee Oberlander Our beloved VCHS Theater is getting a much needed facelift. The theater has not had a major update since its big renovation and grand opening in the fall of 2000. Now it is getting some updates to make it more user friendly and physically appealing. The beginning of the year brought new aisle carpets and lights. The aisle lights have not worked for the past few years due to a short that caused a small fire. To correct the problem with the lighting fixtures the carpet needed to be torn up. So the carpet was replaced and extended to cover the front of the theater house. After many years of using mismatched spotlights, drama funds and school resources were combined to purchase new lights. The new matched spotlights are now permanently mounted in the crow's nest, as is the monopod for the new HD video camera also purchased recently. Blue lights were added backstage over the summer to the delight of director Carol Foth. She comments, "If theater goers are unaware blue lights backstage existed, that is the point! Blue lights allow backstage crew to see, but the audience will not notice." Thanks to a monitary donation made to VC Drama by the Class of 2012, renumbering of the seats was made possible. Tech Ed instructor Mel Klingenber was hired to use his expertise and tech ed equipment to renumber the seats. Numbers are now much more visible and easily read. Each row of seats has also been indicated with a letter on the seat at the end of each row. Stratigically placed drapes are being sewn to camoflage lighting and the white ceiling of the stage shell. Another drape is being sewn to cover the guard rail of the pit which previously has simply been cover with black paper. This change will be much more durable. The actors were not left out. Before the production of Hee Haw Hayride, the drama department purchased four new body microphones to bring the total to twelve body mics. Much of the money for these improvements came from the drama department funds. However, the carpet, aisle lights and blue lights, were funded by the school. The purchase of spotlights was a collaborative purchase by the school and drama department. The purchase of the HD camera and a number of specialty lights were also purchased through the drama fund. Director Carol Foth said these improvements were made possible in large part by door proceeds and reserved ticket sales She also emphasised that profits from productions are spent to improve the theater experience and will be appreciated for years to come.
March 28, 2013
Winning Bluejay girls' hockey recognized
The Bluejay Girls Hockey pose for a team picture at state tourney.
Above: VC Theater seating has been renumbered to be user friendly. Right: Mentor and spotligjt electrician Dakota Zaun shows off one of the new spotlights. Zaun is just one of the seniors graduating this spring who have worked on VCHS productions for six years. (Photos by Saidee Oberlander) (Photos submitted by Sue Milender)
Valley City Bluejay team members. Upper left: Brenna Pritchert. Above: Elly Milender. Left: Haley Schnaidt.
March 28, 2013
Superman wears Rubio Pajamas
by Ricky Paulson Over the last few months Ricky Rubio has been playing with more confidence than a muscle-head, ladies man at the gym. Even though the Wolves have sunk to the worst record in the Western Conference none of the blame falls on the talented young Spaniard. Instead the blame should go to all the cracked mirrors, black cats, and ladders they must have walked under because this is the most unlucky team in NBA history. Even though Kevin Love, Andrei Kirilenko, Nikola Pekovic, Chase Budinger, and really anybody with any measurable talent has missed significant time this year, Ricky Rubio is still piling up assists, and his first career triple-Double. His proximity to a quadruple double has his teammates actually thinking that Rubio can achieve a feat that only four have in NBA history. Derrick Williams had this to say about Rubio’s performance. “The other day we were talking about how he might get a quadrupledouble. He’s on pace to get one; he’s a few steals, a few rebounds away. The way he plays into the guards like that, he could get 10 steals (” A lot of people think that Ricky Rubio isn’t a good defender. Most recently I was watching the Wolves play the Rockets; Wolves blew a 20 point lead, but that is not my point. The Rocket’s commentator Bill Worrell said that Ricky Rubio was not a good defender, and I almost fell right out of my chair. Without Mr. Rubio’s defense, the Wolves would be worse than 14th in the league in points allowed. Rubio also wouldn’t be averaging 2.2 steals a game if he wasn’t a good defender. This would be third in the league if he qualified with enough games played. So I think I have proved Mr. Worrell wrong. A lot of critics that don’t watch Wolves' games also don’t know that Ricky Rubio has very good driving ability, and he needs it because he can’t shoot a jump shot to save his life. Driving is how he gets 90% of his buckets. He has many skills that few players in the NBA have including passing, driving, defense, and leadership. Timberwolves' fans say this at the end of every season, but I got a feeling that next year will be the year they make the playoffs.
up sides, Down sides of Twins season
by Ricky Paulson April 1st has been on the calenders of Twins fans all over Twins nation. This will be the first game of another sub .500 season. If you thought the Twins were going to make the playoffs this year you are mistaken. The Twins traded Span, and Revere for pitchers that are not going to pitch in 2013, except for Vance Worley. The additions the Twins thought could modify last year’s embarrassing starting rotation have not performed well. So far in spring training Kevin Correia’s, Mike Pelfrey’s, and Vance Worley’s ERA. have ballooned over six. A bright side of the rotation is Samuel Deduno. Deduno threw 13 innings for the Champions, Dominican Republic, and only gave up one run! Also to note about this is that in the World Baseball Classic the competition is on the major league level. Deduno is not the only one that has been impressing the Twins front office this March. Aaron Hicks has solidified his role in the Twins lineup this season. But, people with connections to the front office say that Hicks might not be in the majors until May, and that Mastroianni will play center field all April. It is hard not to make Hicks the starting center fielder day one because of his production this March. Hicks leads the Twins in avg., runs scored, RBI’s, home runs (including a three HR game), and second in stolen bases. Also keep in mind that Mauer, and Morneau have not played this spring because of the World Baseball Classic. My estimate for the Twins 2013 season is that they will struggle through most of the season until the major league rosters are expanded to 40 where the Twins will take advantage of there bolstered minors. The mini surge will have no effect on the Twins season because they will be far enough out of first place that the only thing that the surge will do is make promise for the 2014 season. Next season ,2014, is the season all Twins fans should be looking forward to with Alex Meyer, and Trevor May, most likely making their major league debuts.
Ricky Rubio
March 28, 2013
by Gabby Cummings How do you know track season has started? The sound of pounding feet on the floor can be heard throughout the school, a person has to look both ways before crossing a hallway, and runners of all speeds are constantly filling the halls. Yes, the VCHS track team has started practicing for upcoming meets and is ready to compete. March 15 was supposed to be the first indoor track meet for the Valley City Track team, but weather prevented the group from traveling to Concordia. The next opportunity presented itself on March 22 at the 2013 Class A State Indoor. Although the team as a whole did not take off with a running start, a few athletes met success at the first track meet of their season. VCHS’s top performers at the meet included: April Berntson, 4th in the girls’ 1600 meter run and 11th in the girls’ 800 meter run; Tonya VanDyke, 7th in girls’ shotput; Annie Hart, tie for 11th place in girls’ pole vault; Ruth Ihry, 13th in the girls’ triple jump; Casey Engelhard, tie for 8th place in boys’ high jump.
Tracking spring track
Two weeks of intramural basketball have gone by with much exitement. Just in the first week of playing games, Goliath, the teachers, fell to David, Orange, in spectacular fashion. With time expiring Jordan Eggermont sent a three flying, and hit the shot to stun the teachers. All the fans watching the game stormed the court after Eggermont hit the 'Shot heard round Valley City.'
Intramural update
by Rick Paulson The 2013 NFL draft is April 25 and since December 30 the Kansas City Chiefs have been on the clock. Here is my top ten mock draft with explanation: 1. Chiefs will take left tackle Luke Joekel. Joekel was a pretty solid player at Texas A&M. At the combine Joekel didn’t help, or hurt his stock scouts new he was a LT with great mechanics, but with no outstanding athletic abilities. Since Brandon Albert signed his franchise tender, and RT Eric Winston left via free agency, Joekel will most likely slide to the right side for the 2013 season. 2. Former NDSU coordinator Gus Bradley is looking to grab a 4-3 defensive end that can rush the quarterback since Houston Texans’ end J.J. Watt accumulated more sacks than the Jaguars last year. The Jaguars rush was embarrassing last year which is why they will take Sharrif Floyd. Floyd is the best defensive player in this draft; his best fit is a 4-3 defensive tackle even though some scouts say he can play the five technique. 3. The Oakland Raiders have always been infatuated with speed and since their not allowed to draft Usain Bolt they have to look elsewhere for speed. Geno Smith lit up the box score last year slinging 42 TDs and only 6 INTs. The Raiders like Geno because he ran the 40 yard dash similar to what Cam
Ricky's top ten mock draft
Newton ran. A lot of scouts say Geno is a late first round talent, but due to need and position, Raiders will take Geno Smith. 4. The Eagles have a glaring need at corner back, but Chip Kelly coached Dion Jordan last year at Oregon. Jordan is a physical freak who can rush the quarter back with newly signed Connor Barwin, and last year’s stand out Brandon Graham. 5. The Detriot Lions were marked up to take CB Dee Milliner until long time left tackle Jeff Backus retired. Lions also let RT, Josder Childrus, and RG Stephen Petermen go at the beggining of free agency. Look for the Lions to take Eric Fisher with the fifth pick. Fisher is thought to have a higher ceiling than fellow tackle Joekel, but is riskier because Eric Fisher is not as good as Joekel is now. 6. The Browns have a bevy of extra cap space even after free agency. They were thought to take a pass rusher at six, but since they signed Paul Kruger to a multi-year deal it seems like they will go elsewhere. The Browns will most likely look to create a backfield tandam by taking Alabama cornerback, Dee Milliner, and paring him up with stud corner Joe Hayden. 7. The Cardinals had many problems last year all of it circulating around their horrid offense. Arizona also thinks that long time backup Drew Stanton can be a starting quarterback, so a QB is out of the question. The Cardinals will go offense, and take Chance Warmack at seven. Warmack is, by talent, the best player in this draft, but he plays right guard, and guards do not get taken high in the draft so Warmack will slip to seven. 8. The Buffalo Bills just released QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and let go of his contract that put Buffalo in shackles with eight digits a year. I do not think the Bills will take a QB at eight because I think that they will wait to take Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib in the second round. Since pass rusher Bjorn Werner will be there I think it would be wise for Buffalo to fix that defensive line that they spent so much money on last year. 9. The Jets could go a few ways here. In the senario that they trade Derrele Revis they could take corner back Xavier Rhodes. If they think that a QB not named Geno Smith is right for them at nine, they could go for E.J. Manuel. The most likely senario is taking a defensive end, Ezikiel Ansah will be availible at nine. Ansah has only been playing football for a few years, to me, this has a bright side and a down side. The bright side is that he is this good after a few years of coaching at BYU, imagine how good he could be with NFL coaching. The downside is that he is very risky because the NFL’s talent level could overwell Ansah and eventually kick him out of the league. 10. At ten the Tennessee Titans will take a cornerback to replaceCortland Finnegan, who they lost last year to the St. Louis Rams. So they will take Xavier Rhodes cornerback, Florida State. Rhodes can bolster the backfield that got torn up by quarterbacks in the AFC south last year (Shaub, Luck). Rhodes should be a good fit at ten.
Owners Bob and Joni Bergan of Valley City
Good Luck To All Hi-Liners!
V C P S Te a c h i n g S t a f f Aw a r d e d
March 28, 2013
Edith Wagar
Wayne Denault
by Jessica Gylden Who is one of the most notorious teachers and coaches to walk the halls of VCHS? This teacher coaches one of the school’s most lengthy extracurricular season that spans from January to June. It is for this reason she has recently received recognition. This phenomenal coach is the school’s own Edith Wagar. On February 6, Wagar was awarded the prestigious Diamond Award from the National Forensic League. This award is given to speech coaches that have ammassed over 1,500 career points. These points are earned throughout the coaches own high school season as well as their students’, with one tenth of each point going towards her career total. Wagar has earned the diamond award with 1,525 points. Another qualification that must be met is a coach must be a member of the National Forensic League for at least five years before they are eligible to win this award. Wagar has been a member of this league for 6 years and has also been coaching the VCHS Speech team for 6 years. She will be officially presented with this award at the Lincoln Financial Group/National Forensic League National Speech & Debate Tournament on June 20, in Birmingham, Alabama. Congratulations to Wagar on this outstanding award!
Above: Eydie Wagar shares the latest information on speech with Cheryl Foell. Photo by Saidee Oberlander)
by Jessica Gylden Out of all the region's principals, only one is selected for the Princial of the Year Award. This year, Valley City Public School's own Wayne Denault was the recipient of this prestigious award. Denault received this award from the North Dakota Association of Elementary School Principals after members of the aforementioned organization nominated him based on his outstanding achievements in many areas. Denault is the
VCPS Title I Coordinator, the district AdvancED School Improvement Coordinator, and, of course, the Washington Elementary School Principal. Throughout the many years he has been an administrator, the elementary school's stan-
dards have continued to climb, and with Denault's leadership the students have easily rose to meet the challenge. Congratulations to Denault on being awarded Principal of the Year, and for all of his contributions to the VC Public Schools.
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The Hi-Liner girls lost to Bismarck Century, 1-4, but defeated Williston 3-2 at the state...
The VCHS Hi-Liners defeated the Fargo North Spartans 5-3 in the first round of the EDC softball...
These VCHS students were recognized by the U.S. Marines. See Thursday's Times-Record to read more.


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