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March 4, 2013

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March 1, 2013
A Valley City High School Publication - Valley City, North Dakota, 58072
VCJrH Shines, pages 8 & 13 Caleb Peterson Academic All-State Silver Award, page 9 Fun in the Sun Cafe' 2013, pages 10 & 11 Soph. Retreat, pages 12 Snow week, pages 15 Do not forget Parent/T eacher Conferences rescheduled for Mar. 4, 5-8 pm
VCJrH Jump Starts Hillbilly Musical
by Jessica Gylden After having a ten year dry spell, during which time no adequate, or willing carpenters were to be found in VCHS, Director Carol Foth has finally found a dream team. This year, students Jacob Sand, Levi Hanning, Trenton Koch, and Garcia Vital eagerly joined the Hee Haw Hayride carpentry squad, which met three Saturdays to build the sets. Of these students, Jacob Sand was made the head carpenter because his dedication. After not having a true group of carpenters who knew, beforehand, how to use the tools they were given, Foth had this to say of these bright young men, "Not only was I pleased that the boys signed up to be carpenters, but I was pleasantly surprised they are good carpenters as well." In addition, the less obvious hard work is being handled by the lighting and sound techs, various managers, plus make-up and costuming staff. All the junior high crew is being eagerly supported by the senior high mentors. The carpenters are not the only students who have shown great promise. The cast of Hee Haw Hayride has avidly taken to the script as well. Unlike a few groups Jr. High actors and actresses rehearse the title song Hee Haw Hayride musical number at Thursday morning practice. Left: Lee Roy Calhoun in the past, these students have (Liam Williams) dances with his on stage Juliet, Emmy Lou Tolliver (Jasbeen self-motivated, and have mine Smith). Right: Meanwhile, the ever-ready to settle down Charlie learned their lines ahead of time, Rhodes (Hunter Olstad) dances with his betrothed, Ruby Perkins (Hanwhile also keeping up with inten- nah Dockter). (Photo by Jessica Gylden) sive choreography numbers and musical pieces. Each cast member has been giving the musical all they have, and then some. These students are well focused at practice, and uncommonly mature. Each individual member has enormous talent and potential, which has been magnified a thousand fold by his/ her ability to take constructive criticism. Also, each practice is approached with an enthusiasm matched only by that of the mentors who are thrilled to have such a spectacular group of kids to work with. Hee Haw Hayride performances are on March 21, 22, and 23 at 7:30 pm in the VCHS Theater each evening. Reserved seating will be sold on March 4 at Parent/Teacher Conferences and March 12 at the Spaghetti Supper. Tickets will also be available each school day in the junior high office. The cost is $8 for adults and $5 for students. Tickets will also be available at the door From left to right: Jacob Sand, Levi Hanning, Trenton Koch, and Garcia Vital are hard at work shingling on performance nights on a first-come first-serve basis. rooves and building the set for Hee Haw Hayride.
(Photo taken by Carol Foth)
Br idges
Volume 77, Issue 6
Rwandan Guest Speaker
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From Hopeless to Hope
by Hope Swart There comes a point in life when you realize you may not be the person you used to be. You think, “I have grown up; I am someone new.” Sometimes it is the other way around, “I am the same person I used to be. I have not grown up. I will never be someone new.” Your life is what you make it. You can go around faking your way through it, or you can actually do something with your life. For some people high school is coming to an end and they are thinking about continuing their education while others are thinking of taking some time off. If you take a year, or two off from school when it comes to registering for college or a trade school you just keep putting it off. It is just easier to go to college right after you graduate because you are still in the schooling frame of mind. Being in this frame of mind gives you an advantage of staying in college and not dropping out. While on the other hand, if you do not go right away it may be easier to just say, “This is not for me.” Soon enough you come to realize that you are 25 and you still have not gone to college, or finished the schooling you wanted. By this time you just forget about it and continue working at the job you have. You wish you could get a better job, but you are not sure if anyone will hire you. After a while you start to think that maybe
March 1, 2013
you should have just gone to college because you realized jobs are harder to get when you do not have a degree. When applying for a job, accept the fact that the person with a degree will more than likely get it. Why would an employer not hire the person with more education? A degree is not just a piece of paper saying you graduated in the major, or minor field. It is something that helps you get through life. A degree shows that you put the effort in continuing your schooling. You did not just give up and quit after high school.
When you go in for an interview the employer will look at your resume and see whether or not you attended college. They will then proceed to ask you why you went to college, or why you did not. If you put schooling off, it would be very embarrassing to say so to a potential boss. So for some of you as your senior year is coming to an end think about your future
and think about if taking a few years off is really a good thing to do.
The Bridges
460 Central Avenue North Valley City, North Dakota 58072 email:
Bridges Editorial
Who is more romantic? Men, or women? is question has plagued society since the very conception of Valentine’s Day. According to some statistics, men plan to spend 75% more than women, but 85% of women plan to buy gi s this Valentine’s Day. How does one interpret this in terms of romance ? In the case of most individuals, romance is not something that can be measured in monetary terms. However, most Valentine’s Day statistics are made up of how much money couples intend to spend on signi cant others, as well as what they intend to spend this money on. For example, this year men plan to spend, on average, $84.39, while females planned to spend nearly half as much as men, with a total of $48.13. While this amount of money may seem outlandish for the average high school, or college student, with the price of average Valentine’s Day gi s and the plans associated with this holiday, it is exceptionally easy to amass a grand total of $84.39. What are the most frequently bought items that can run up the Valentine’s Day total? Some of the obvious choices would be owers, chocolates, and, of course, a meal. How many people on average plan to partake in these clichè gi s? Sixty- ve percent intend to take that special someone to dinner, 38% will try to sweeten their sweethearts with some chocolates, and 37% will wow that signi cant other with owers. But, while these gi s are common throughout society, not everyone wants to receive them. Of the amount of people that intend to give these gi s, only 49% want to be taken to dinner, only 30% want chocolates, and a mere 20% want those wilty owers. So men, women, do yourselves a favor and next year. Simply ask your signi cant other what he, or she would actually like to receive. Not only will it make the gi you do end up giving more thoughtful, but also it will save you money.
Editor-in-Chief: Hope Swart* News Editor: Jessica Gylden* Monthly Feature & Opinion Editor: Hope Swart Feature Editor: Destiny Winkler* Special Feature Editor: Destiny Winkler* Arts & Entertainment Editors: Saidee Oberlander Cartoonists: Hope Swart, Taylor Keys, Taylor Storhoff (guest artist) & Iain Horner (guest artist) Sports Editors: Ricky Paulson Advisor: Carol Foth Staff: Gabby Cummings, Taylor Keys, Saidee Oberlander, Ricky Paulson, Tonya VanDyke, Jessica Gylden*, Hope Swart*, Destiny Winkler* *Denotes Advanced Journalism staff The Bridges is published monthly during the school year by VCHS journalism students at 460 Central Avenue N, Valley City, ND 58072. The opinions expressed in this paper are not necessarily those of the student body, the faculty, administration or the school board. The Bridges will accept advertisements if they are not considered libelous, obscene or do not promote the use or sale of illegal goods or services.
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Letters to the Editor
I Was Just Pondering: True Loooove
by Destiny Winkler “The whole universe was in a hot, dense state-- and 14 million years ago expansion started. Wait...” or sing along to this, “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!” If you sang along to either of these excerpts, you are familiar with one of the best shows of all time-- Big Bang Theory. I love this show so much, I feel the need to profess my love in this public fashion. For Christmas I received a gift that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside... I received a “Soft Kitty” shirt. As my picture shows, I wear this shirt when I feel nerdy... Which is most of the time. When my mom was sick a month ago, I even sang her Soft Kitty. Youtube has videos of Penny singing Soft Kitty in Big Bang. One of the happiest, nerdy moments of my life is when my mom sang it to me... So why did I wait until February, the season of love, to talk about this show? I have decided to highlight, what some citizens of nerdom call the greatest love story of all time- Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler. Sheldon and Amy, or ShAmy, share an interesting love connection. It is still unclear if it even is a “love connection.” Sheldon describes their relationship as “one of the mind.” Amy, for reasons unclear, thinks Sheldon is the most wonderful person in the world. After three seasons before Amy, everyone who watches Big Bang knows Sheldon is the opposite of perfectly delightful. They are just an example of improbable love. I believe love can spring out of anywhere, and in many different forms. Love to me is not a set of feelings; it is a set of actions. If anyone has ever seen Twilight, or any other sappy teenage girl movie, the producers make love look like lust, or they make it look very dramatic. This leads women of the world to believe that guys really do sit outside of a window and sing. If guys really do this, they must be few and far between. Guys are just not the way movies paint them. My dad is a funny man. I am his little girl, and he has made sure he teaches me the facts of life. One truth that he has reinforced, time after time, is that boys are stupid. One famous lecture in this prolific series happened in the Scheels parking lot. It went, “Boys are always stupid. They start out doing dumb little boy things, but eventually they grow up and do dumb older boy things. Boys are always stupid.” I laugh good-naturedly at this advice, but it still rings true. To reinforce this opinion, read Jessica Gylden’s opinion right below mine. Yes, gentlemen, even women can be stupid, too. While Sheldon and Amy may
March 1, 2013
be geniuses, they are just as clueless about love as everybody else. Amoure’ is all around, and it comes when it seems least likely. No matter who gets the love bug, its symptoms are all the same. It is like one big “Soft Kitty.”
by Jessica Gylden People are stupid. That is right, people. Not just one individual person, every single person that has ever lived. Even you, even me, even the person to your right. Guess what? That person to your left? Yeah, they are stupid, too. Now that we have established that everyone is somewhat stupid, let me tell you why. Stupidity does not simply consist of one’s IQ. Stupidity is made up of the things we say, the things we do, and the things you are fortunate enough not to say. At times, stupidity can be merely the offspring of another factor, and fortunately, that is usually the case. While there are many intelligent people in the world, each one of us has done something stupid at one time, or another. For example, the individuals that developed, or sanctioned the development of the atomic bomb? Smart. Their decision to drop said bomb on many innocent people? Not so smart. Perhaps that example is a little too extreme for the average American. What would be an adequate example though? There are so many things that occur on a daily basis that could be classified as being “stupid.” I suppose another example would be how people use Facebook. Not a day goes by without someone insulting someone else over cyber space, or complaining about how their computer does not work, or how much life/school “sucks,” or how they did not have a Snowball date. While these things are all exceptionally life altering events, and I know how much everyone loves to read about the aforementioned things, please stop. This is something that ought to be classified as not only stupid, but down-right idiotic. As the saying goes, if you would not say something to someone’s face, do not say it behind their back. Also, for the record, if you can post, from your computer that your computer does not work, perhaps your IQ is to blame for your stupidity. These are not the only stupid things that people do, but for the purpose of this article, we shall classify all of the above as verbal stupidity. Some stupid actions consist of: pretending to be a desk drummer, incessently tapping one’s feet or fingers, walking up the implied downside of the staircase, parking in the middle of two parking spots, and other various poor driving behaviors, just to name a few. What is truly unfortunate about acts of stupidity, is that they usuallly incite others to respond with equally stupid thoughts, or actions. While it may be tempting to crash into that one kid coming up the wrong side of the stairs, or leave a colorfully worded note on that car taking up two spaces, the only thing this will accomplish will be the continuation of the cycle of stupidity. So please, people, for goodness sake, stop fighting bad behavior with worse behavior.
Thoughts of a Smart - Dumb Blonde
Monthly Feature
March 1, 2013
by Hope Swart and Destiny Winkler Ipods, large headphones, smart phones, bright colors. These trends have come, and will probably go, too. These trends can be fun to follow, but some trends, such as tattoos and piercings, can be lasting. Tattoos have become, in some social situations, a right of passage into adulthood. Most high school students, before they turn 18, have already picked out the different tattoos they want. For some, this can be exciting, but others should stay clear. Tattoos are easy to get, but hard to remove. They are similar to a hard decision-- getting one should be taken with great care and thought. Last year’s News Editor, Sam Sayler, got a tattoo. She got a black bird with broken wings, an allusion to the Beatles. Her tattoo is one of great significance, because it really means something to her. Tattoos of names, unless they are of family, can be a risky choice. Even if a relationship might look like it will last forever, there is always a chance that it will fall apart. This is the reason why people end up with mysterious names on themselves... Which can be embarrassing and expensive to remove. Another semi-permanent trend is piercings. Many girls decide to get their ears pierced at a young age. Other people pierce their lips, nose, or tongue. Be wary of multiple piercings. Gauges, which stretch out the earlobe, are also increasingly popular. Some people have guaged their ears, so that when they take the gauge out, their earlobes hang down to their shoulders, how-
Life in HopeDestiny
Chocolate Chip Peanut Granola Bars
ever. Many employers do not let their employees wear piercings at work. Employers are hesitant to hire someone who has freakish earlobes. Does it seem like everyone is getting a piercing, or tattoo? Yes, it does sometimes. Does this mean that everyone should be getting a tattoo, or piercing? It all boils down to peer pressure. When it seems like everyone is getting a tattoo, then getting a tattoo is cool. Eventually these will fall out of style again, and then many people will be stuck with tattoos that do not mean a thing to them. This article by no way says that people should not get a tattoo, or piercing. Though they may seem like a good idea now, try to think about 20 years from now... Will that tattoo of a dolphin still mean just as much as it would now? While it might seem like everyone is getting piercings, or tattoos, it really comes down to what is best for you.
Caricatures by JoLynn Gregoryk
by Taylor Keys Ingredients: 1/2 cup natural peanut butter 1/3 cup local honey 1/4 cup coconut oil 1 1/2 cups oats 1 1/2 Tablespoons wheat germ 1/2 cup ground ax seed 1/4 cup peanuts 1/4 cup chocolate chips Steps: Melt peanut butter, honey, and coconut oil together in a small sauce pan over low/medium heat, stirring constantly. It only takes a minute or two to melt. In mixing bowl, combine all other ingredients except for chocolate chips, and stir well. Pour liquid mixture over dry mixture and stir til well combined. Let cool in bowl for several minutes. Place mixture into foil lined 8×8 pan and press down rmly. Sprinkle chocolate chips over top and press down rmly with hands. Place in fridge or freezer to set. Flip the foil out onto cutting board and cut into desired bar sizes. I like to cut a dozen rectangle shaped bars. Store in fridge for best results.
Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes
by Taylor Keys INGREDIENTS 2 8oz. packs of room temp cream cheese 2 Eggs 1 1/4 Cup Sugar 1 1/2 Cup crumbles Graham Crackers 1/3 Cup so butter 1 Can of Cherries DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350. Melt butter, mix in 1/4 Cup of sugar and crumbled crackers. Put a tablespoon of cracker mix in the bottom of cupcake shells and pat down. Beat together cream cheese, eggs, and remaining sugar. Fill cupcakes 3/4 way up with mix. Bake for 12-18 minutes. Let cool down for 10 Minutes so the middles can dip. Spoon the cherry lling in to dip.
Adding some Hope to YOUR Destiny!
Monthly Feature
March 1, 2013
What are the ODDS?!!!
Take a Look at this BOOK!
by Hope Swart Stephanie Plum is a “former lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter.” She applies for a job as a file clerk with the family sleaze ball, Vinnie. However, a shortage of bounty hunters opens up the opportunity for Stephanie to capture offenders who have skipped out on their bail and to make a large amount of money fast. Stephanie’s first large case to track down a skip, or Failure To Appear (FTA), and involves neighborhood bad boy, Joseph Morelli. Morelli, who is wanted for the murder of an unarmed man, is a vice cop on the Trenton Police force. ( In the past Stephanie had fallen for Morelli. Because of an incident that happened between her and Morelli when she was 16 she has a strong feeling for revenge. She wants to prove that she is capable of being a bounty hunter to Vinnie so she can keep the job to make her rent. Can she get her man? Go to the Barnes County Public Library and check out One for the Money by Janet Evanovich.
The Miller invasion! Left to right: Brandon, Mark, Taylor, Jacob, and Dustin Miller (Not pictured: Hannah Miller)
by Tonya Van Dyke July 8 is just a normal day for most people, but for three unrelated Millers at Valley City High School it is more than that . . . it is their birthday. is month’s, “What Are the Odds” comes to you from the halls of the VC Senior High, where six Millers roam the halls; Hannah, Jacob, Mark, Taylor, Dustin and Brandon. e only two related are Dustin and Brandon and they are brothers. e most exciting thing about those six is that Mark, Taylor, and Brandon were all born on July 8. What are the odds of that?!
These animals are currently available for adoption:
Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals
Speckles Drizzle Newton Kismit
W hat's In a Name? Coincidence!!!
$.25 for 4x6 PRINT $1.29 for 5x7 PRINT USING THE SONY STATION
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To adopt a pet, or for more information, go to
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Harley D
Monthly Feature/The Funnies
P athetic Horrorsby Taylor Storhoff
March 1, 2013
Random Misfortunes
byT aylor Keys
.....And so it ends
by Iain Horner
Wonderful world of Love by Hope Swart
Legend says that each leaf of the clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the fourth for luck.
For REAL!!!!!
NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION PO BOX 508 * VALLEY CITY, ND 58072 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE: 701-845-0072 CRISIS CENTER: 701-845-0078 (collect calls accepted) * Physical * Intimidation * Psychological & Emotional * Economic * Destruction of Property or Pets * Isolation * Threats * Sexual
Monthly Feature 7 Art ist of the Month
by Taylor Keys Age: 18 Favorite Activity: Bridge jumping Favorite Color: Sparkly purple Favorite Movies: Gangster Squard, Tangled, Goonies, and Despicable Me. Hobbies: Making music, lifeguarding, swimming, and singing with Spud (her sister) Favorite Singer: Her Rachael Schauer little sister, Sarah Schauer Favorite Song: “Brown-eyed Girl” by Van Mornson Favorite Class: 1st hour o Favorite Foods: Pizza rolls, steak & potatoes, breakfast pizza, popsicles, and chocolate chip pancakes.
March 1, 2013
by Tonya Van Dyke Who is the favorite child? Devon: Breaden, because he is a suck up. Not Carissa. Breaden: Me Carissa: Yeah, not me. Who is the most spoiled? D: Carissa. We could have a Hollister port in our front yard. B: Yeah, we have weekly Hollister orders sent to our house for her. C: It is not always Hollister... Last thing you all did together? D: Played dodgeball in Carissa’s bedroom B: (Laughs) C: They just came into my room and chucked balls at each other. Who does the weirdest things? D: We all do weird things, but Breaden and I dance and sing in
All In the Family Sibling Rivalry
the kitchen together. B: Devon almost killed me playing doctor once... C: Breaden, well .... How long did it take to learn to spell your last name? D: I was probably like six B: first grade C: I don’t know Who has the most friends? D: Carissa’s friends are only on Top to bottom: Breaden, Devon, Carissa Liljenquist. the phone. B: (Agrees with Devon) B: Devon C: Devon C: (Smiles) Who is the coolest? Who has the best style? D: (Eye roll) Carissa is a punk D: Devon she wears pink and black B: Me B: Me C: Devon, Breaden looks homeC: (Agrees silently) less. Who starts the most fights? Who is the pickiest? D: Carissa is crazy D: Carissa, she gets up at six to B: She is crazy do her hair and then lays in bed C: Breaden hugs me like a freak when she is done. Who is teacher’s pet? B: Carissa D: Brains decrease as you move C: (Sighs) down the line.
Athlete of the Month
by Tonya Van Dyke Sport: Hockey Age: 17 Favorite Movie: 21 Jump Street Favorite Athlete: Jonathan Toews Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Quote: Hard work beats talents, when talent doesn’t work hard. - Kevin Durant Favorite Subject: Brenna Pritchert Science Inspiration: My Brother Dream Car: Anything that is a good car. (Anything that runs)
Girls' Hockey
Have It Your Way!
1425 West Main Valley City
y B it e R i Ever gh e t! ak
March 1, 2013
Born in the USA was the brain-child of last year's journalism staff. It features people who were born in the USA, and were innovators in their fields.
in the open. Dr. Phil is not out to make people a laughing stock for the whole country, he is trying to help them get through tough spots in their lives. Life throws curve balls, but it takes a strong person to overcome these. Dr. Phil teaches people to stand up and take the punishment and live with the consequences. He helps people see things from a different angle. Adversity does not mean that everything is wrong; it could just mean that things are changing for the better. The reason McGraw studied psychology was because of the example set by his father. His father, Joe, went back to study psychology when he was 40. McGraw inherited the same fierce independence that his dad had. When McGraw was studying at the University of North Texas, he met his wife Robin and while he was not "hitting the books" ( ) he married her. After he graduated he went into practice with his father in Wichita Falls, Texas. After a while he decided to change his path in psychology to help others. He later went on to write books. First came 'Life Strategies' in 1999, then 'Relationship Rescue' in 2000, and finally 'Self Matters' in 2001. He started his own show on September 16, 2002. He is now on his seventh season and is still helping many individual with a problem. What makes Dr. Phil an innovator in his field? Is he the first psychologist? No, that would be Wilhelm Wundt who opened the first experimental laboratory in psychology at the University of Leipzig, Germany. What does make McGraw truly innovative in his area of expertise is that he has used television to make himself the most wellknown mental health professional in the world. His matterof-fact style has afforded many viewers the opportunity to get help they would not be able to get anyother way.
The In
USA Junior High Wins
by Hope Swart Does anyone feel like they have a problem? Does anyone need someone to tell them how it really is? Is anyone in a relationship that is just plain weird? Then talk to Dr. Phil McGraw, but do not confuse him with Mr. Steve Wilkos who has his own show loosely comparable to Dr. Phil’s. Dr. Phil was a college football player who got his Ph.D. in psychology. He then went on to help Oprah Winfrey win a lawsuit in 1998. He became a regular on her show every Tuesday and then started his own show in 2002. He also publishes his own self-help books. McGraw went into private practice, but realized that oneon-one therapy was not for him. He started helping people deal with life strategies and relationships. He continues to help people build self-esteem, lose weight, deal with family crises and communication difficulties, and repair damaged relationships. Some relationships are more unusual than others. If anyone has major problems and needs to be told how and exactly as it is, then maybe they need to talk to Dr. Phil. Afraid of everyone knowing the secrets that are hard to hold in? Everyone will know the secret, but it will be out in the open and Dr. Phil will have the ability to help. They may take some time to talk about, and it will take the help of friends to get issues out
by Hope Swart Machicolation is the word to spell. Where is the San Andreas Fault? 2X * 3 = 18. What is X? These could be some of the questions asked at Valley City Jr. High’s Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, and Math Counts. This year’s Spelling Bee, under the supervision of Kristi Shanenko, participants were Haley Jensen, Kristina Haugtvedt, Annie Fitzell, Abby Lemnus, and Wanita Warcken. Lemnus was runner-up and Warcken was the school champion. Warcken will advanced to the Barnes County Spelling Bee on February 4 at Valley City State University. Warcken placed 2nd overall. This qualifies her for state on March 22 in Bismarck. Where is Niagara Falls? It is in Ontario, Canada? Jr. High geography teacher Dan Bjorum judged the local competition. On December 14 eighth grader Erik Johnson won the school-level competition and Hunter Olstad was the first runner-up. Johnson will go to state on April 5 and and will have a chance at a $25,000 college scholarship. This year’s Math Counts was under the supervision of Trevor Hansen. Participants and winners for this competition were Evan Haglund, Derik Johnson, Taylor Johnson, and Tanner Thompsen. The competition was on February 7. The individual winners were 1st place Erik Johnson, and 2nd place Evan Haglund. Congratulations to all of the winners and runner ups.
Tammy Heck Brenda Olson Tues-Fri: 9-5 and evenings by appt.
342 East Main St. Valley City, ND 58072 (701) 845-5922
Classic Cuts
Leevers Supporting High School Academics for over 20 years
March 1, 2013
by Saidee Oberlander Many people have an extreme fear of public speaking and avoid it at all costs. But there is a small group of people who love it and get up at 5 am just to speak. These are the members of speech. The VCHS Speech Team has attended several meets already this year and have been very successful so far. On January 26, the team hosted their Valley City Invitational. Most of the teams were Class B, which gave students a chance to compete against people they do not normally see. VCHS was very successful and would have placed 2nd if they were able to place at their home meet. The speech students next piled onto the bus on February 9, when they left at 5 am for Devils Lake. The team won 2nd place and the following people placed:
VCHS Speech Season Still Going Full Speed
Radio Tanner Clark - 3rd Aislinn Fogarty - 4th Dempsey Williams - 5th Jacob Berntson - 7th Storytelling Carl Vinje - 9th Humorous Duo Jacob Berntson/Mikey Meester 4th Tia Wagar/Saidee Oberlander 5th Destiny Winkler/Jessica Gylden 6th Aislinn Fogarty/Dempsey Williams - 7th Persuade Bethany Berntson - 1st Inform Bethany Berntson - 1st Hannah Peterson - 6th Serious Prose Bethany Berntson - 3rd Tia Wagar - 4th Maddie Bennet - 8th Entertain Carl Vinje - 3rd Dempsey Williams - 5th Amanda Bjork - 6th Abby Slyter - 8th Humorous Adam Hart - 2nd Maddie Bennet - 5th Libby Borg - 7th Poetry Bethany Berntson - 6th EPR Jessica Gylden - 2nd Saidee Oberlander - 6th Becky Jordan - Top Novice Dramatic Saidee Oberlander - 7th Serious Duo Jessica Gylden/Mikayla Ross 2nd The next meet the Hi-Liners attended was the Dr. Littlefield Tournament at Shanley High School. Only six people in each category were in the final rounds, so placing was difficult and coveted. Valley City put 15 individuals and duos into finals. The team did incredibly well and placed 1st in the tournament. The following people placed: Storytelling Mikaylah Ross - 4th Inform Beth Berntson - 1st Serious Prose Beth Berntson - 4th EPR Beth Berntson - 2nd Destiny Winkler - 3rd Entertain Carl Vinje - 4th Amanda Bjork - 5th Dramatic Duo Joseph Munowenyu/Bryce Jensen - 2nd Jessica Gylden/Mikayla Ross 3rd Carl Vinje/Destiny Winkler - 6th Humorous Joseph Munowenyu - 6th Humorous Duo Tia Wagar/Saidee Oberlander 2nd Jessica Gylden/Destiny Winkler 5th Jacob Berntson/Mikey Meester 6th Persuade Beth Berntson - 1st Dr. Littlefield Overall Speaker Beth Berntson - 3rd
Peterson Finalist
Submitted by Kristi Brandt, VCHS Pricipal Caleb Peterson has been awarded the Academic All-State Silver Award. This award is based on GPA, and SAT or ACT scores (whichever is higher) and is a competitive award with all other students attending Class A schools across the state of North Dakota. The Journalism Staff has also received information that Peterson is a finalist for the National Merit Scholarship. There were 16,000 semifinalists across the nation in September. Those 16,000 have been narrowed down to 15,000 students who are considered finalists. The next step is for this group to be narrowed down to the top 8,300 across the nation. This is a huge opportunity for Peterson and shows his true academic ability when compared to other students nationally.
Open Year 'Round
909 N Central Ave. Valley City, ND 58072 845-2622
148 S CENTRA L AVENUE 845-2264
Special Feature
10 & 11
March 1, 2013
Fun in the Sun!
Cafe' 2013
25th Anniversary
March 1, 2013
Sophomore Retreat Brings Class Together
by Destiny Winkler January 22: All of the sophomores at VCHS did not show up for their second period class... Or any of their any classes that day. Was this event the product of alien abductions? While that would have been more momentous, the sophomores were actually at a Respect Retreat, which was not put on by aliens. These retreats, are run by Youth Frontiers. At the high school level, there are four categories of retreats. Courage, Respect, Responsibility, and Wisdom. The Respect Retreat is aimed at ninth or tenth graders, and challenges them to rethink what respect means. The day started with lighthearted activities that senior peer facilitators helped with. These activities focused on interacting with everyone in the room. What started as “give 10 people a handshake” turned into, “tell someone you love their face.” Some students were hesitant to join in on this activity, but soon everyone was playing “clumps.” Clumps asks students to randomly join a group with people around them, forcing them to get out of their comfort zones. The sophomores participated in an “Olympics” by being split into teams. The teams adopted names relating breakfast foods. The teams were the diced fruit, the scrambled eggs, and the crepes. The teams participated in a “shoe sculpture contest” in which the groups removed their left shoes and made sculptures that embodied respect. There were also valiant efforts in the screaming and belching competitions. The fun and games started to mellow down when it became time for small group discussions. The small groups were led by a senior peer facilitator. These group discussions helped bring the theme of respect home, by allowing students to talk on a more personal level about respect meant to them. These group discussions were broken up by large group discussions led by one of the Youth Frontier representatives. The representatives focused on three points: respecting yourself, respecting others, and standing up for respect. After each large group discussion, the small group talked about points related to discussion. The retreat was concluded by having a “camp fire.” While the campfire was more symbolic, it gave students an opportunity to voice what they were taking away from the retreat. They were asked to focus on the three points of respecting yourself, respecting others, and standing up for respect. Some of the sophomores apologized for their behavior to their peers, and others talked about how they were learning to respect themselves. The campfire was an unique opportunity for students who do not usually speak up to share how they felt. The retreat ended with an air of reflection and camaraderie. Many students took to hugging each other, and some students consoled those who were crying. The raw emotion made the whole room feel cleansed. The sophomore Respect Retreat allowed the tenth graders to feel like a group of friends instead of a group of classmates. Next up, the Seniors will attend a Wisdom Retreat, which will remind them of the role of leadership they possess in the school.
Left: Braeden Liljenquist helps a fellow sophomore up after the clumps game. Right: Jaden Opatz dances around. Lower right: Abby Brown and a group of sophomore girls dance in the "out box" of the clumps game.
(Photos by Jessica Gylden and Gabby Cummings)
Above: Senior JoLynn Gregoryk, and sophomores Casey Engelhard and Barb Zubrod obviously fail to see the humor that Sheila Cummings and Kristi Brandt are experiencing.
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March 1, 2013
VCHS Baby Boom!
Little future Hi-Liners are popping up in VCHS! For the next three months, the Bridges will be featuring the babies born to VCHS Staff members.
Hillier Awarded Outstanding Counselor
by Hope Swart Everyone who went to Washington and Jefferson school should remember Valley City elementary school counselor Judy Hillier. Recently she won the North Dakota Outstanding Elementary School Counselor of the Year. Hillier was awarded at the North Dakota School Counselor Association Midwinter Conference in Bismarck. Congratulations to Judy Hillier for her amazing achievement.
Junior High All State Choir
by Gabby Cummings This month's baby is Lane Everett Nielson, son of Matt and Annette Nielson. He was born on January 18 at 7:42 am. He came into the world weighing six pounds and fifteen ounces and is 19 inches long. Lane has two older sisters Kailee (4 1/2) and Skye (3).
Left to right: All State Choir participants Mikey Meester, Evan Haglund, Jonah Wolla, Camille Kawasaki, Hunter Sayler, Abby Ingstad and CeCe Hatcher. Reclining on the back of the sofa: Jade Oksendahl. (Photo submitted by Sheila Zinke)
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by Taylor Keys A total of eight Valley City junior high school students were chosen this year to participate in the Junior High All State Choir. It was held February 1 and 2 in Grand Forks in the new Red River High School Music Department wing.
Auditions were held last fall and each student had to submit a recording of a solo and an acapella version of “America.” Judges throughout North Dakota were hired to listen to all 1600 submissions. The chosen from Valley
For details call 701-845-8222
City school were Evan Haglund, Mikey Meester, Jonah Wolla, Abigail Ingstad, Camille Kawasaki, and Hunter Sayler. Chosen for the Treble Choir were CeCe Hatcher and Jade Oksendahl. The Junior High All State Choirs were held in conjunction with the Collegiate Men’s Honor Choir and the North Dakota American Choral Directors Association Convention. Sheila Zinke, Valley City Jr. High choir director, says she took part in the convention and attended many wonderful choral sessions while her Junior High students were rehearsing.
Arts and Entertainment
March 1, 2013
Musicians Audition for All-State Grammys Surprise, Dazzle
by Gabby Cummings On January 6 Tom Kjelland and Sheila Zinke, along with accompaniest Diana VanBruggen and her daughter, packed a bus full of eager choir and band students ready to perform their best. Where were they headed? All-State auditions, of course! The students who auditioned from choir were Mason Bjornson, Barbara Zubrod, Sarah Schauer, April Berntson, Jamie Ronning, Mikaylah Ross, Camille Kawasaki, Rachael Schauer, Abigail Ingstad, Ashley Boe, Gabby Cummings, Saidee Oberlander, Ethan Nolte, and Casey Engelhard. The students who auditioned from band were Demi Olstad, Kamie Wagar, April Berntson, and Sarah Monteceullo. All together this trip had a grand total of 17 students from VCHS auditioning for a spot in either All-State bands or choirs. Auditioning was not an easy task. Each person who participated had to go through a number of steps to be judged. Choir students had to sing. a two minute solo, followed by a Sieber exercise, and ending with 16 measures of sight-reading. Band students had even more to master. Their auditions consisted of a one minute solo, scales, etudes, and sight-reading. After all of the students’ hard work, they ended the experience with McDonald’s before heading home. After waiting for a few weeks, results were finally posted. Out of all of the VCHS students who auditioned, four singers were selected to be in the All-State Choir. These students are Camille Kawasaki, Rachael Schauer, Sarah Schauer, and Saidee Oberlander. They will be going to Bismarck on March 21-23 to participate in the choir.
By Destiny Winkler The lights, the glamour, the stars, and the music all signify one of the biggest award shows of the season—the Grammys. This year’s Grammy show mixed young and old and the biggest winners of the night were some of the newest players on the scene. LL Cool J hosted the show which started with a rousing performance by Taylor Swift of her hit “We Are Never Getting Back Together." After her opening, Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John sang Sheeran’s hit “A Team.” The first award of the night went to Adele, for her powerful performance, “Set Fire to the Rain.” The musical performances kept rolling, with Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. Carrie Underwood was awarded Best Country Solo for her song “Blown Away.” Fun., new comers to the big music scene, won Song of the Year for “We Are Young." Later they would claim the title for Best New Artist. Mumford & Sons, performed “I Will Wait” from their new album Babel, which ended up taking home Album of the Year. Their energizing performance propelled into Justin Timberlake’s classy performance of “Suit and Tie." Best Urban Contemporary Album went to Frank Ocean, for his album Channel Orange. Frank Ocean was nominated for six Grammys. Dan Auerbach received a shout out for being named the Producer of the Year, and the Black Keys were awarded Best Rock Performance for their song “Lonely Boy.” Later on in the show, they picked up the pace by performing the song. Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys posed a match up of “Daylight” and “Girl on Fire.” Kelly Clarkson, who was nominated for multiple awards that night, finally wrapped her fingers around Best Pop Vocal Album for “Stronger.” Rap/ Sung Collaboration went to Jay Z & Kanye West, featuring Frank Ocean and TheDream. There were many tributes during the show, some for past musicians and one for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. Bruno Mars teamed up with Rhianna to perform a tribute to Bob Marley, while Kelly Clarkson did a tribute to Patty Paige and Aretha Franklin. Best Country Album went to the Zac Brown Band for their album Uncaged. Carrie Underwood stunned many with a light show projected onto her dress, that ended with butterflies flying off of her dress and onto the larger screens. The final award of the night was Album of the Year. The nominations this year were The Black Keys with El Camino, Some Nights by Fun., Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, Jack White’s Blunderbuss, and Babel by Mumford & Sons. Mumford & Sons took home the prize. The biggest night in music ended with host LL Cool J rapping on stage. The spoken word “rapped” up the show nicely, and left the stars to go party the night away.
Un i qu e Ant i qu e s
by Hope Swart March 1 . . . . . National Pig Day March 2 . . . . . . Old Stuff Day March 3 . . . . . I Want You To Be Happy Day March 4 . . . Holy Experiment Day March 5 . . . . . . . . . Multiple Personalities Day March 6 . . . . . National Frozen Food Day March 9 . . . . . . . . . Panic Day March 13 . . . . . . . . Jewel Day
Need something to celebrate? Here ya' go!
March 14 . . . National Potato Chip Day March 16 . . . . . Everything You Do Is Right Day March 17 . . . . . Submarine Day March 18 . . . . . . . Supreme Sacrifice Day March 19 . . . . . . . . Poultry Day March 20 . . . . . .Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day March 22 . . . . . . . National Goof-off Day March 23 . . National Organize Your Home Office Day and National Chip and Dip Day March 24. . National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day March 25 . . . . . . . . Waffle Day March 26 . . . . . Make Up Your Own Holiday Day March 28 . . . . . Something On A Stick Day March 30 . . . . I Am In Control Day
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Snowball Week involves, entertains, excites
by Saidee Oberlander e wonderful week of Snowball has come and gone. e royalty has been crowned. e dance and hallways have been cleaned up. Students and teachers all around the school participated in the festivities in one way or another. Here’s a quick recap of the festivities. Whether they were dressing in PJs, beach, zombie, hick, or underwater attire, class colors, tacky tourist out ts, or the classic white and blue, students were very creative in showing their school pride. Some students were very dedicated and had some very unique out ts. e Senior hallway was named winner of the decorating contest and featured a beach theme. e seniors received a $50 check to be put in their class fund.
March 1, 2013
Above: : King Devon Liljienquist and Queen Cassidy Wendler pose for a picture.
Above: Members of the Senior Class stand in their winning beach themed hallway.
Everyone was invited to the Snowball Pep Rally held on Wednesday a ernoon in the HAC. e pep rally featured students from the basketball
and wrestling teams in relays and games. e coronation of royalty was also held at that time. Cassidy Wendler and Devon Liljienquist were
crowned Queen and King of the Snowball court. Other members of the court included Destiny Winkler, Michaela Scherr, Kyle Knutson, and Steven Horner.
r ente ! ce C 13 y 20 Scien New g Januar in open
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To top o the week, the Snowball dance was held on Saturday, February 2, in the school cafeteria. Students from grades 9-12 danced in the masquerade ball created by the student council. As they entered the ball, attendees were given a mask and Mardi Gras beads. e playlist, decided by students, was a crowd pleaser and students danced the night away under the paper lanterns in the cafeteria. (Photos submitted by Deb Beilke)
16 Arts & Entertainment
March 1, 2013
New Forms of Art Models Warp Body Image
by Destiny Winkler A gaggle of women adorned in the latest fashions walk into Dolce & Gabbana. Everything in the shop would cost an arm and a leg to any average person. Where does the phrase “arm and a leg” come from? In the days of painted portraits, artists would decide the cost of a painting if there would be an arm or leg in the picture. Due to the fact that arms and legs were harder to draw, they were more expensive to paint. While painted portraits have been thrown out in favor of photographed portraits, the phrase has still endured. The art world has certainly changed since the French cave paintings around 14,000 years ago. Michelangelo, the famous Renaissance painter, would probably scoff at Picasso’s most famous works. Art has always been a free medium of expression, but nowa-days art is all over the map. “Walking Man I” by Alberto Giacommeti is the most expensive art work ever sold- it cost the lucky winner $104.3 million. Literally, it is made out of metal. Tanks are also made out of metal, and they do not sell for the same amount of money. What sets art apart? Mondrian is famous for his rectangles, black lines, and red, white, blue, and yellow squares. Leonardo da Vince would not understand how this abstract style is even art, but somehow Mondrian is just as studied as da Vince. Art keeps evolving, and recently it has taken a turn to the digital. Digital art is slowly taking over the classic pad and pencil. Photoshop has taken over what it took thousands of year for artists to do with the paintbrush. Now art is readily obtainable everywhere. Google images, in its way, is the largest distributor of art. Physical art is becoming more rare, as most advertising becomes digital. The days of yore where an advertisement was painted on the side of a building are long gone. Time Square is a prime example of what advertising has become- computer graphics. Art, which was at one time a feasible means of income, has shifted to hobby status. When a mother says, “Honey, you can not be an artist. You will never make any money--” she is more right than ever. Artists today are graphic designers, an occupation that has sprung up with a shift in the art field. Which begs the question, what will the artists of tomorrow do? Art is ever changing. Some of the biggest names in art have yet to even dream of their biggest pieces. But one thing is certain, those pieces of art will cost “an arm and a leg.”
by Taylor Keys While most would like to think that long spines and extra skinny structures is all it takes to get our runway models looking as thin as only runway models can look, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Young girl’s efforts to follow the models on the runway have led to extreme measures to become skinny. Anorexia nervosa is a one of the deadly eating disorders that many adolescents use to complete their undernourished look. Yet, another disorder has also become familiar to young girls in order to stay thin. “Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by episodes of bingeing and purging. Sufferers of bulimia will eat large amounts of food in a short time and then, due to feelings of extreme guilt and shame, will attempt to purge the food from their body.” These are only a couple of things that some models do to keep “this dream-like body.” They smoke packs of cigarettes a day, use laxatives, take diet pills, take adderall, have prescription drugs that suppress the appetite, and many other resources are used. Not saying that ALL models do this, but most of them have done their fair share of those listed. Why does this world make it seem that every girl has to be a size 0? The answer is no one has to be anything. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. It does not matter if the jeans say “size 1” or “size 13.” The world was has many different types of people in it for a reason. Everyone is unique, and that is how it should be.
by Saidee Oberlander There has been recent backlash towards Rex Reed, a movie reviewer, for his comments directed toward about actress Melissa McCarthy. In a February 5 review of the movie Identity Thief for the New York Observer, Reed called McCarthy tractor-sized, a hippo, and an obese and obnoxious gimmick comedian. McCarthy, famous for her roles in Bridesmaids and TV’s Mike and Molly, received much support from other members of the Hollywood crowd, but the words are still out there. This recent event has resparked
All Sizes Thrive in Hollywood
the debate over body image in Hollywood. Obviously, body image is very important in 'the Hills’, but when does it go to far? It may be time for Hollywood to re-evaluate how it reacts to actors and actresses who don’t fit the “perfect” mold. Is calling an Oscar nominated actress a tractor-sized hippo an apropriate movie review? Is calling Demi Lovato fat after she gets out of rehab for bulimia a fair fashion evaluation? Yes, it is fair to say that it is time for Hollywood to reconsider its body image issues. (For more on the Hollywood body image, see Taylor Key’s artice on the subject above)
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March 1, 2013
Intramural BBall: Missed calls, loose balls
by Ricky Paulson e season for missed layups and air ball three pointers is just around the corner. March 14 marks the tip-o of the 2013 Intramural basketball season. As of February 19 the seven captains con gured their teams and are ready to play. Without one game being played, a clear number one team is evident to all players. A er going undefeated last year and taking home the Bjorum Trophy the teachers are looking to school the students in more than the classroom for a second year in a row. On the teacher team is Scott Hurliman who is all business, Scott Wilmes who plays with student’s minds, Lonnie Swenson is looking to mop up the competition, Matt Nielson is going to form a bond between the teachers and create good chemistry, Waylan Starr is looking to make last year’s championship run history and focus on this year, Mel Klingenberg is going to score baskets with his good mechanics, Bu Murray is a SIN of good things to come because he can add good play and Katie Van Dyke can help all of them out. e Red team, led by captain Mayson Denholm, has a bevy of players that can provide a certain set of skills. Also on the Red team is Jessica Denholm, Quinn Bjornson, Noah Kvilvang, Sam Drake, Taylor Pickar, Erik Milender, Dalton Ondracek, and Jarod Nelson. Gray has two giants down low, Chase Carpenter and Ian Schweitzer, which makes them a contender to win it all. Captain Jack Jenson selected ball handler Ethan Zeltinger, and lone girl Danica Diegel. Gray also has Eli Allen, Jonah Wolla, and Carl Vinje. e next team is a sneaky good Black team lead by girl power with varsity girls starters Clarrisa Olson, and Dierra Diegal. Black also has outstanding rebounder Isaac Ingstad in the paint, and sharpshooters Captian Ricky Paulson, and Levi Nix. Paulson also added Jacob Miller, Maddy Drake, Dylan Broadwell, and Aislinn Fogarty. e next team in my power rankings is the Blue team with captain Austin Berg. e Blue team has one glaring strength, one guy that is seven inches taller than all the other players. Spencer Meyer looks to return to his dominates a er last year’s trip to the nals. Also on Blue is Darris oreson, Dustin Lindgren, Trierre Smith, Collin Schroder, Josiah Crump, Kyle Knutson, and Dylan Buck Elk. e next team is lead by Captain and co-founder of Intramural basketball Dustin Miller. Dustin has varsity sharp shooter Jared Lentz, and the player with the biggest motor in Intramural, Lee Keys. Also on Green is Michael Wendler, Mason Bjornson, Amanda Starr, Caleb Junas, and Madison Taylor. White is led by Captain Brett Rockneberg with quickster Jory White, and defensive juggernaut Brandon Breckheimer. White also has Ben Baasch, Cassidy Wendler, Nick Stevens, Jared Swanberg, Carter Schonert, and Alex Milender. Last in the rankings is the Purple team with Captain Austen Meyer. Meyer picked Intramural All-Star Anthony Olstad. Also on Purple is Jacob Wendel, Chris Yanish, Jordan Eggermont, Derek Reimers Logan Du y, and Masyn Olson.
1. Teachers 2. Red 3. Gray 4. Black 5. Blue 6. Green 7. White 8. Purple
What are your rankings? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
March 1, 2013
Hard Work Pays Off
by Tonya Van Dyke What does it take to be a good gymnast? According to the Valley High School gymnastics coach it is everything. She said a gymnast must have extreme strength and flexibility along with good rhythm and the speed of a sprinter. The gymnast must be graceful like a ballerina, have self-motivation, and be a hard worker. These nine VC girls need to be able to put in long hours at the gym working and repeating their skills. The team is in about twelve meets per year, and being a quick thinker makes it easy for the girls to switch up routines quickly when needed. The Jamestown Meet was the best ever for the VCHS gymnastics team finishing third. Rebekah Fisher had an amazing performance, earning 4th All Around, along with Taylor Johnson 8th, and Brienne Roehrich 10th. The hardest event for most girls is bars, according to Coach Fisher. However, in Jamestown VC had four girls place in this event: R. Fisher 4th, Abby Brown 5th, Emilee Fisher 6th, and Roehrich 12th. With the teams most consistent vaulter Sara Gilbertson being out with a sore ankle during the Jamestown meet, the team still had a good finish on the vault with R. Fisher taking 4th, Roehrich 7th, both scoring over a nine which is a first for the Hi-Liners this season. Taylor Johnson and Hannah Sorensen also did well on vault, scoring 8.70 and 8.50 respectively. The teams weakest event is beam and with team members like Kennadee Jorrissen adding new elements to their routines the team had an exceptional finish: R. Fisher 3rd, Johnson 7th, Roehrich 12th, and E. Fisher 13th. Johnson led the team on the floor with her consistent tumbling and dance skills, placing 4th and Hunter Sayler had her top performance scoring an 8.8. The team finished up their season with a trip to state that took place in Valley City on February 22 and 23. Friday was team day and the VCHS gymnastics team finished 7th. Saturday was individual day and the only event that a ‘Liner girl placed in was bars, R. Fisher taking 7th. The gymnastics team has had a great season and the school is very proud of them.
Valley places six at state wrestling
by Ricky Paulson The bright wrestling career of two Valley City seniors came to an end February 17. Shane Undem (145) and Steven Horner (285) got 2nd and 4th respectively. Undem lost in a 6-4 decision to Weston Dobler of West Fargo. Undem said that he was really exited about beating the tournaments number one seed, Cody Haugen from Minot, in the semifinals and was awestruck by the theatrics leading up to his championship match. Horner was pinned in the third place match by a Bismark Century Patriot, Shawn Greenwood. Horner said that he wrestled as well as he expected. After getting 5th place in last year’s tournament he was happy with how he did. When asked how the last match of his career went, Horner said that his coach came over before the match and said that he was proud of Steven no matter what happened. Zack Doty (170) had a successful tournament. Doty was the third seed coming into the tournament and upset the second seed in the semifinals. Doty said that the scene of the championship round was “sweet.”He made it to the championship round, but unfortunately was pinned in the third period by an undefeated Ricky Galindo out of Bismark. Jordan Magnuson (182) lost in a fifth place match to Dickinson’s Jace Dukart. Mark Miller (132) and Jacob Ashline (120) both wrestled for eighth place. As a team Valley City finished with 75.5 points and tied with Turtle Mountain-Belcourt for 10th place.
by Ricky Paulson The regular season brought a sense of good hope to the Valley City/ Jamestown boys hockey team. The boys went 10-6, the team never lost more than two games in a row and had a four game winning streak in the middle of the season. Thus a playoff birth was born. The boys hockey team went into the regional tournament with high hopes of an enevitable trip to the state tournament. They went 2-1 with wins over Bottineau/Rugby on the Feb. 14th, and Mandan on the Feb. 16th. At state the boys were out matched against Red River losing 0-6 and lost to Minot 2-3 to end the boys' state championship hopes. Of all the Valley City players on the Jamestown team not one of them is a senior and will all be returning next year. These Valley City players include Austen Meyer, Jack Jenson, Jacob Miller, Dustin Miller, and Nick Stevens.
Boys' hockey goal of state falls short
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March 1, 2013
Contenders, Pretenders
have the opposite issue. David West, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, and Danny Granger coming of his injury all of these players help out George. All Teams in the East exept for Miami, and Indiana are pretenders. The Knicks are the third seed right now, but I don’t see them going all the way. Even though Carmelo puts up 40 is not necessarily a good thing. I will tell you why. Have you ever played with a guy, or girl that doesn’t pass the ball? His/her shot might go in, but you don’t care if the shots do. And, did you notice that when that person took the ball off the inbound and went down the court, dribbled a few times, then drained a threepointer you didn’t play defense as well as you could have if they just passed it to you once? The Knicks have the same issue with Carmelo Anthony. To tell a tale of ‘How the West was Won’ is much harder than predicting the East. The contenders include OKC, Spurs, and the Clippers; the pretenders include everyone else, specifically the Grizzlies, Golden State, and Denver. The Thunder, Clippers, and Spurs are contenders for four reasons: depth, passing defense, and scoring. An upside to the three contenders is this game is and all ways will be about buckets, as Bill Russell would put it, and all three teams can put up points with the rest of them. OKC is first in scoring, the Spurs 4th, and Clippers 9th. The Grizzlies could be contenders if they spent more time trying to put talent around their core players instead of trying to trade them away for some bench warmers and $50 cash. What I am trying to say is Memphis is a small market, and management cares more about not losing money over winning. The Nuggets are pretenders for the sole reason that they are the poor man’s version of the Clippers: CP3 over Ty Lawson, sixth man Crawford over Corey Brewer, and Highlight reel Blake Griffin over Kenneth Faried. To see who can call themselves champions at the end of the season, stay tuned to contenders and pretenders.
by Ricky Paulson With about 30 games for each team in the NBA left it is time to take a closer look to who really has a shot at the trophy and what teams are pretenders. First off, the contenders in the east. In the Eastern Conference there are only two contenders, Miami and Indiana. As long as Miami has Lebron dropping 30 a night at a 70% rate they will be fine. Indiana is more of a wild card. I assume that most people wouldn’t guess that Indiana is second in the East even if you gave them a hint that it starts with indi and ends with ana, but when I look at them it is not surprising to me. One of the arguments against them in years past is that they lack a star. This year with Danny Granger absent, Paul George has come on like a freight train. George was even rewarded with a two night stay in Houston All-Star weekend. That disables the no star argument. Another argument that could be made is, “Well, Indiana doesn’t have anybody to help out George.” On the contrary, Pacers
by Saidee Oberlander The Bluejays are at it again. After their amazing start to their season, the Jamestown girls hockey team kept going stong until the end. They ended their regular season with a 17-6 record and ended up placing fourth in the state. Brad Schaack, coach of the Bluejays, was named the West Region Coach-of-theYear and four Jamestown players were named to the All-West Region team, including VCHS’s own Brenna Prichert. After losing three games in a row, the girls retaliated strong and won seven games in a row, beating Minot, Williston, Fargo North, Grand Forks, Mandan, Dickinson, and Devil’s Lake. They went to West Fargo for their final game of the season, but ended up losing 1-5. Their 17-6 record put the Jays at the number four-seed going into the state tournament. They faced number five-seed Fargo South/Davies in their first game of the state tournament. They came out big and won the game 4-2. Next step was West Fargo for the Bluejays where they went down in defeat, 2-7. The final game was against Grand Forks which left the Bluejays in defeat and 4 at state. Congratulations to all of the Bluejay hockey players, especially members of VCHS Brenna Pritchert, Elly Millender, and Haley Schnaidt. Look for a photo essay in the March Bridges.
VC Dance Team lifts too high?
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Good Luck To All Hi-Liners!
by Gabby Cummings This past January 25-26, the VCHS Hi-Lites headed off to the Varsity State Tournament. Spirits were high as they prepared to dance their hearts out. Excitement and determination filled the dancers minds. While there, they performed all four of their routines: hiphop, jazz, kick, pom. They performed all of their dances very well, but unfortunately ended up being disqualified in their hip-hop routine for lifting too high. Although this was disappointing to the team, they were happy to be informed that they had made it to finals in their pom routine. The HiLites ended up getting 5th in pom.
March 1, 2013
submitted by Mel Klingenberg Valley City Technology & Engineering Education Students were given the opportunity to showcase their talents at the North Dakota Capital on Wednesday, January 30. The opportunity, which included discussing technology and engineering with 141 state legislators, Governor Jack Dalrymple, Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler, does not happen very often to a high school student. On that day it happened to five students from Mel Klingenberg’s Engineering Technology Class and Foundations of Technology Class. Students Brady Flemmer, Wyatt Hatcher, Alan Bear, Mark Anderson and Nathan Gentry showed off their talents with a laser in the Great Hall of the North Dakota Capital
Techechnology Education Showcase
Building, as part of Career and Technical Education. The students, with the financial help of the North Dakota Career and Technical Education Administrators, laser engraved a pen for each of the state legislators and invited each one to stop by their booth to pick up their rosewood pen. Using the pen to bring them in, the students were able to explain the process done to make the pen, how they set up the machine and, in some instances, made the legislators another pen. The Valley City High School booth was one of the most popular booths at the capital that day, competing with nine other high school and college booths. Traffic at the booth was steady all day and the students had very little time to see the other booths, however a couple of students were able to take advantage of a guided capital tour. Career and Technical Education Courses provide opportunities for students to learn the skills for entry to midlevel jobs in business, trades, industry, agriculture, food service, information technology, and health occupations. These types of courses prepare students with skills for the 21st century. Approximately 70% of the jobs created in North Dakota are in the areas of Career and Technical Education subjects. For more information on Career and Technical Education go to
Left to right: Nathan Gentry, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler, Wyatt Hatcher, and Alan Bear. (Photo submitted by Mel Klingenberg)
Seniors Stunned by brutality
by Tonya Van Dyke It is not everyday students get to meet somebody from another country, but for Valley City High School’s senior class that is exactly what happened. Friday, January 25, the senior class was privileged enough to hear a speaker, Michel Nsenfgiyuma, talk about his life in Rwanda. Rwanda does not have the best past. The country is known for its brutal fights and not getting along. Tutsi and Hutus were the opposing groups in the country. Michel lived quite a life. Running through forests and seeing family members get killed. It was basically survival of the fittest. In 1994 the genocide started after the President of Rwanda’s plane “went down.” After the plane crashed the Hutus and Tutsis blamed it on one another, and Rwanda got ugly. The more prominent Hutus started killing the Tutsis and the moderate Hutus. Michel and his family were moved into a camp, from there they fled to the forest where they spent three long years running for their lives. Most of Michel’s family did not make it out alive. In April 1997 it was time for Michel to return home. Home sweet home it was. Even though Michel looked like an old man at this point, he had survived. He also had an Aunt survive the genocide and said, “She looked like an one-hundred twenty year-old woman, but still lives to tell her story.” For most people this is something they could never imagine, but for Michel this was his life. He is currently in the states, and has his master’s degree in psychology.
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