Some low cost summer activities for families

Here are a number of wonderful low cost summer activities for kids and families that help families keep their hard-earned money in their pockets.

With each of these ideas, you might fashion “what to do” boxes. Create two boxes - one for “outside” and one for “indoors” - containing index cards with activities written on them. Rotate who in the family gets to pick the card for that day. This is a great way to avoid activities that cost a lot of cash and a fun way to create a family plan.

Low or no cost outings and activities are something consider for your own kids or a group of friends getting together that will create fun and memories without heating up your wallet or credit card bills:

*Visit a farm, pet store or the animal shelter

*Visit a fire station

*Have cooking lessons at home (bake bread, make homemade ice cream, grandma’s cookies)

*Visit a pizza store (they’ll sometimes let the kids make one for little or nothing)

*Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper facility
*Visit the Department of Conservation’s nature centers and enjoy educational exhibits

*Learn to knit or do needlework

*Get a giant piece of paper and colored pencils and draw your dream house interior view with all the details

*Participate in free summer reading programs and story times offered by many local libraries

*Visit zoos and museums that have free or reduced rates for kids on special days

*Have paper airplane or paper boat races or try making and flying your own kites (books at the library have the instructions)

*Put on a theatrical performance, a puppet show or a talent contest

*Write and illustrate a story

*Plant a small garden or container garden and watch it grow

*Have sack, peanut or egg races

*Plan a picnic as an activity

*Hold a bring-a-dish block party

*Rent a movie and have special “movie night” snacks

*Take your kids on a tour of family history and photos

*Search garage sales as family fun and walk away with a few really good deals

*Play board games on rainy days

*Go swimming at the local lake, pond or pool (you can ask for a one day guest pass at a local YMCA to check out the facilities)

*Visit Vacation Bible Schools, Summer Bible Clubs, Kids Camps, Day Camps
*Walk, hike, and enjoy nature

*Go camping in the backyard

And last but certainly not least... make your own bubble solutions and spend hours dipping bubbles!

Do-It-Yourself Bubble Solution:
*1 tbsp Glycerine
*2 tbsp Dish Soap
*9 ounces water

*Mix it all up (the glycerin added to the mixture is key)
*Pour it into small plastic bottles or a pie pan, grab your favorite wand and enjoy big beautiful bubbles.

Wishing you a very busy, rarely bored and not too costly summer!
This article is adapted from one written by Megan O’Neil-Haight, The University of Maryland Extension, and originally published in Delmarva Youth Magazine, July/August 2006.

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