Paws to Consider: Local Girl Donates to SVFA

How is your pet feeling? This is an issue that all pet companions deal with every day: Has Fifi eaten? Is Spot active? Did Buddy meet me at the door? etc. As pet companions we all understand how important this “monitoring” can be. My golden retriever quit eating, didn’t sleep, and would not come in once she was outside. Something was wrong. I knew it and didn’t want to admit it. It looked serious to me so I took her in to the vet. Yep, she was very ill and had little time to live. My choice, continue as if everything was fine and let her suffer, or have her euthanized humanely and know that she was no longer suffering. It’s not an easy decision, but we, as pet companions must make it. If your pet is suffering, please take her/him to the vet. Please make your decision based on the answer to this question: what is best for my beloved pet? It’s hard; it’s supposed to be hard, but we must do what’s best for our pets.

At the Crazy Daze event in July, the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals received a generous, heartfelt gift from a young woman named Savana. Savana’s love for animals and her giving heart prompted her to set up a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds of her efforts to SVFA.  We encourage our city and surrounding communities to follow Savana’s lead and get involved in reaching out to help the animals.  All of us together can make a difference.  Savana commented, “I did the lemonade stand to get money so the dogs and cats would have food until they found homes to live in.  We collected food in school last year, too.” Savana’s Mom said that thinking of dogs and cats without homes or food makes Savana sad. She just wanted to help make a difference. Special thanks to Savana!

Available for Adoption:
Hi there nice to meet you, my name is Lenny. I’m a 4-year-old Male Shih Tzu mix. I’m a friendly guy who likes dogs, cats, and people. I have a known history of seizures but don’t worry that can be controlled by daily oral medication. Approximate cost for medication $5-$15/month. If you are interested in giving me a permanent loving home please contact SVFA at 840-5047 or e-mail

Meet Major. He is a 1-2-year-old male German Shepherd mix. We aren’t 100% sure what he is mixed with but we suspect it is a breed with wiry hair like an Irish wolfhound because of his coat and size. Whatever he is mixed with he is our sweet, strong, gentle giant. We are in love with his face adorned with little whiskers. Adoptive homes be aware, he is a big boy. His head to floor measurement while seated is 36 inches and his current weight is 89.5 lbs. Major just entered his foster home so we will be adding updates on his behavior in a family setting. He is a good boy that is friendly and wants to be social. Major is updated on his shots, HomeAgain microchipped, and neutered. If you are interested in adopting Major please contact 840-5047 or e-mail
Introducing the wonderful and lovely Pearl. She is a 5-year-old female fully de-clawed pure white domestic long-haired cat with green eyes. A lady like Pearl is affectionate and friendly but it does take her a little while to warm up to a new situation. She would prefer a home that was on the calm side. Once she is comfortable her personality will really shine through. She currently is in search of a foster home but if she could skip that step and go right to an adoptive home she’d be thrilled. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, fixed, and HomeAgain, Microchipped. For more information please contact Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals 840-5047 or UPDATE: Pearl is in a foster home now and is a great alarm clock. She is an independent cat that likes to play with feathery toys. She is also VERY into treats. That is one food motivated lady. She isn’t too fond of small children, other cats, or dogs -too much action for her liking- but would be a super companion for someone looking to add a little laughter to their life. Pearl has a great personality and would love a permanent home to call her own.

We are looking forward to a great response the week of September 17--20, when the vc vet clinic will offer a 15% perent discount for spaying or neutering your pet.

As always, be responsible: ID and spay/neuter your pet. Shop for pets in rescues and shelters. Do not support puppy or kitten mills. See for more information on fostering or adopting a loving pet.

Russell, of the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, writes this column for the Times-Record.