Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

Local Girl Scouts will soon begin their annual cookie sales again. Quiana Steele, new Daisy troop leader, said her girls, ages 5 and 6, will have booths set up all around Valley City.

“The opening day (Feb. 9) we’ll be at the basketball game” at Valley City State University, and a booth will be set up at one of the grocery stores in Valley City.

“The girls are allowed to go door-to-door to sell the cookies, so you’ll probably see a lot of that coming up,” Steele said.

Eight varieties of cookies will be available Feb. 9 through March 6, including favorites Thin Mints, Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties, and also a new flavor called Mango Creams.

“It’s natural fused, which means there’s lots of healthy things in it — they’re really good,” Steele said.

Customers can go to and click on the Cookie Shop link to find a searchable listing of the nearby Cookie Shops or call the Cookie Hotline at (800) 666-2141.

Tami Haug-Davis, CEO of Girl Scouts—Dakota Horizons, said in a press release, “Each box of cookies sold helps young girls build leadership skills, learn goal setting, decision making and money management.”
The Girl Scout Cookie program teaches girls how to manage money and become community leaders. Proceeds from the sale stay in the Girl Scout community where they are purchased.

Steele said the cookies are the main way the girls earn money to purchase badges and go on trips. The cookie sales help the girls in accounting, money skills, business skills and communication skills, she said.

The girls have incentives to sell cookies.

“If you reach a certain goal, you get to pick a prize they have on the listing,” Steele said. “All the girls get a badge for participating in the cookie sale, and they give out general recognition for the girl in the troop for selling the most.”