Former VC resident celebrates 100th birthday

On April 10, 1912 LaLander Stadig Norman, “DUCK” was born in Binford, North Dakota and grew up in Valley City, ND. The day of his birth was the day the Titanic set sail.

His parents immigrated from Sweden. His father was John Norman who worked at the Fair Store in its hey day. His mother fed harvesters from a traveling cook car. As a lad, Duck helped her.

He graduated at age 15 from High School and went to Valley City Teachers’ College. Then he studied at the University of Michigan and studied 10 years to become an actuary.

Most of his career L.S. Norman was head Actuary and Senior Vice President of American United Life Insurance Company in Indianapolis until he retired and moved to Homosassa, Florida to play golf. “Duck” was known for his honesty, his intelligence, especially Math, and his humor.

His wife, Garnet, died 8 years ago and his oldest son, Eric died in December 2011.

On April 14, 2012, Duck’s 3 daughters, all 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren came from California, Montana, Washington state, Washington, DC, Indiana, Tennessee and Florida.

We had burgers, many gourmet foods cooked by his grand daughters, cake and ice cream. We played a Pete Fountain CD on clarinet (one of his old favorites).

Duck, though bedridden and demented, stayed up 9 hours in his chair, was alert and very much enjoyed having his family around him. Everyone had a great time and it was such a blessing to see him respond to his family.

We get him out of bed every other day for a shower and a walk in the wheelchair. Otherwise he loves to eat, watch TV, look at family photographs, watch the birds outside and play cards with his caregivers.

Relatives and friends who came:
Daughter, Marty Neely; Carol Wellborn, Daughter; James Wellborn, grandson; Shirley Cook, daughter; Tiffany Lach, granddaughter; Tonia Lach, great-granddaughter; Carolyn Jewett, granddaughter; Rob McBroom, grandson; Christine McBroom, great-granddaughter; Inara and Mason McBroom, great-grandchildren; Andrew Cook, grandson; Suzanne Cook, granddaughter; Lisa Cook, granddaughter; Layla Cook-Torres, great- granddaughter; T.J. Quevedo, boyfriend of Lisa Cook.