Feir and Wit: Upcoming Election Causing Heat

With the upcoming election, things are getting heated – even on social networking sites. Tweets, statuses and every other kind of post are filled with sarcasm, support and opposition.

There are three parties you may belong to on these sites; Republican, Democrat or the Annoyed Indifferents.

To me, the annoyed, “indifferent” party members are hiding – hiding from judgment and opposition. They want a little attention, like their outspoken friends, so they post updates that hold an opinion.

But these comments are thoughts nearly everyone can agree on, like, “I can’t wait until this stupid election is over,” sometimes spicing it up with sarcasm by saying, “I love these election commercials so much, I’m going to leave my TV on all day.”

These “indifferents” are just hoping that if they ignore it long enough, it’ll go away sooner.

I don’t like confrontation. I hate it, in fact, but if we have solid reasons as to why we’re taking the stance we are in political, social and every-day issues, we need to speak up – respectfully, though. The reason many decide to not have an opinion when it comes to matters affecting our entire country and ourselves is mainly due to the fear of opposition and the fear that their opinion will be considered inferior.

We’ve all seen the disrespect flung at opposing sides, so I totally understand why some choose to hide.

Now, a message for the people who post rude social statuses:
Do you really think that by posting comments on how ignorant and moronic people are that you’re changing anything? Do you think your blatant dislike will win over more party members?

This is what will actually happen: The people that already believe what you do will laugh in agreement, a laugh that brews more dislike for the “other” people who you agree are stupid. And, the people who didn’t agree with you in the first place will lose more respect for you. What a fruitful outcome.

I am calling for every member of society, no matter what side you choose to stand on, to realize the other party is not the enemy. Politics have started feuds, hate and countless wars. Is that what we want? We obviously won’t agree on many points, but can we argue with a little more respect?

Though this is only a column from a college kid, I plead with everyone to think a little bit before they post sarcastic comments, throw around hateful wishes and call each other names.

Things haven’t changed that much from elementary school. The only difference is, we can be bullies and get away with it, there being no principal’s office to put fear in our hearts.

Feir is a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Her column appears Mondays.