Elementary Schools Celebrate Kindness

Jefferson and Washington Elementary Schools will celebrate Kindness Week from Monday, Feb. 11 to Friday, Feb. 15.

Organized by elementary counselor Vanessa Kocka, Kindness Week is a way for kids to understand that “kindness is empathy, compassion and human connection; it’s a smile or a comforting word. The smallest gesture can brighten a dark day or ease a heavy burden,” according to the Valley City Public Schools newsletter.

At Jefferson School, students began planning for Kindness Week in January, when they read the book “Beads on One String” in guidance class and then enjoyed a concert by the book’s author and folk singer Dennis Warner. “Beads on One String” teaches children that we are all the same even though we may look different, Warner said in January.

Later, the children were asked to discuss how to increase the level of kindness in their classroom, and how to address the level of kindness in the entire school. Then teachers were then asked to pick a Kindness Week theme and classroom projects from the responses.

Some of the themes include ; “Use Nice Words,” “Don’t Tattle,” “Don’t be Bossy” and “Don’t Interrupt Others.”

At Washington School the theme will revolve around a life vest because “kindness keeps the world afloat. By living kindly and believing in the good of each individual, change is possible,” according to the newsletter.

The school will offer a kindness box where students will be encouraged to offer examples of the kind things they have witnessed in school. The kindness box will also provide a way to recognize students who have shown kindness.

In addition, students will view a movie about kindness on Wednesday.
On Monday, Feb. 11, at 2:15 p.m., Washington School will host a pep rally, complete with kindness cheers and music from the Jr./Sr. High Pep Band.

Students will give a presentation describing the kindness that takes place in school and the world around them. Parents and others are invited to the pep rally.