Community Photo at Vault Wednesday

The Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce is organizing a community photograph in front of The Vault Coffee Shop Wednesday at 12:15 p.m.

Owners of the shop, Kimberly "Kyly" and David Brekke, want the photo to send to several international media outlets who've asked for photos of the coffee shop. The self-service, pay-by-honor-system coffee shop and community center has been receiving national coverage after a video produced by KVRR in Fargo was aired across the nation. The story has also appeared in newspapers in the United Kingdom and India. The KVRR YouTube video has received over 100,000 views in the last two days.

David has been trying to change this story from being about The Vault's honor system business model to being about the wonderful community of people in Valley City that make an honor system business possible.
"The hope is that positive publicity like this about our town will encourage future economic development that will benefit everyone," the Chamber said in an email.

One block of Central Avenue in front of the coffee shop, located in the Stavanger Building at 223 North Central Avenue, will be closed for a few minutes for those attending the photo can hold up their coffee mugs and shout something silly for an overhead photograph, the Chamber said in an email. For those without their own mugs, coffee cups will be provided.

"We need at least 200 people to make the photo successful, so bring everyone who can spare a few minutes," the chamber said. "We hope this will help raise positive public awareness of Valley City worldwide."