BREAKING: Missing VC woman contacts family

A Valley City woman who went missing last week has made contact with her mother.
Amber Glatt, 22, a Valley City State University student who has been missing since July 4, called her mother from a pay phone late Monday evening. It was the first time anyone had heard from her in nearly a week.
“It’s a huge relief,” Glatt’s Mother, Amy Rines, said late Monday night. “I will see her tomorrow. The airports are closed tonight or else we’d be going tonight.”
Glatt has had bouts of reoccurring amnesia since suffering a head injury in 2010.
Glatt’s boyfriend reported her missing Wednesday evening when he found only her cell phone and a note where she wrote she had amnesia.
Rines believes her daughter’s disappearance was related to another amnesia episode.
“I don’t even know what hour it is now, just recently, she called collect,” Rines said. “Our number was in her car because I always made her put our phone number in her glove compartment. That was the only number that she had and she called collect.”
Glatt allegedly left Valley City in her grey Mitsubishi Lancer, and had reportedly been seen in Wahpeton and Tower City. Her mother declined to give out her whereabouts because “I just don’t want media swamping her when she has no memory.”
Valley City Police Detective Mark McDonald said shortly after midnight Tuesday morning that law enforcement in the area where she had called from had yet to confirm her location.
“It’s premature for us to give out a lot of information if we don’t even have her person,” McDonald said. “We feel good where we’re at.”