Big Response to Possible TRO Violation

On Saturday, Valley City Police, with the assistance of the Jamestown/Valley City/Stutsman County/Barnes County Special Operations Team conducted a search of a residence at 649 8th St. Northeast, Valley City, closing a portion of Chautauqua Boulevard and a portion of 6th Avenue. Authorities were searching for Lynn Daniel Kouba, who was believed to be in violation of the terms of a temporary restraining order.
After a search of the premises, it was found that Kouba was not at the residence.
According to Valley City Police Chief Fred Thompson in a press release, on July 12, Kouba was served a restraining order by the Barnes County Sheriff's Department with his female partner as the petitioner. During the service of the restraining order, Kouba removed personal belongings, including a 2009 Chrysler 300 from the residence.
On Saturday, Valley City Police noticed a truck known to belong to Kouba in the yard of the residence. If Kouba was at the residence, he would be in violation of the restraining order. Officers immediately set up a perimeter around the residence.
The female petitioner responded to the Valley City Police Department where she was interviewed and revealed that Kouba had a significant firearms collection inside the residence, according to Thompson.
"As it now believed a possibility a possibility that Kouba was inside the residence, possibly with firearms, and has been known to be uncooperative, as a safety measure the SOT responded to assist with determining whether Kouba was inside the residence," Thompson said in the release.
After getting permission from the female petitioner, the SOT entered and cleared the residence. Assured that Kouba was not inside the residence was released back to the female petitioner.
"This investigation is continuing and charges are expected to be filed against Kouba for, at least, violation of the temporary restraining order. Other parts of this investigation may result in additional charges," said Thompson.