15 Ways You Know You Live in Valley City

1. You know what "Uff Da" means, and you use the Norwegian phrase frequently to describe the bitter cold and excessive amounts of snow that befalls us for half the year.

2. You know the Hi-Line bridge is the most picturesque structure in your community, and you were even called a "Hi-Liner" if you attended school here.

3. You probably worked at John Deere or the Open Door Center at some point in your life.

4. You rave about Pizza Corner and take visitors there, and they become excited when they know they can buy frozen pizzas to bring back with them when they go home.

5. You know that Hilltop used to be the best — and only — place to get a hamburger after midnight.

6. You know you can always catch live music somewhere downtown on the weekends.

7. You talk about the North Dakota Winter Show, and who's performing at the concert, all year long.

8. You're proud that your city is home to two beautiful golf courses.

9. You know the real reason the flower pot was put up by Valley City State University's walking bridge.

10. Anytime a new business opens — or is rumored to open — you gather at one of the 14 bars in town with your friends and family to discuss it.

11. You're a Vikings fan — both VCSU and Minnesota.

12. Going to Fargo is the thing to do on the weekends. Unless it's summer, in which case going to "the lake" a.k.a. Lake Ashtabula is the thing to do.

13. You hope the words/phrases "sandbag," "dike," "river crest," "Baldhill Dam flows" and "100-year flood" don't become a regular part of your vocabulary each spring. And if they do, you just hope "Porta-Potty" stays in 2009.

14. You've mastered the art of driving down a steep icy hill.

15. Wedding dances are held at one of two locations: The Eagles Club or the VFW.

Times-Record reporter Heidi Harris, who moved to Valley City for college, created this "listicle" to describe life in the valley.